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228: How to Express Your Disappointment in Mandarin Chinese

By Learnmandarinnow

It’s always upsetting or disappointing when something goes wrong or doesn’t go according to plan; and, perhaps, more so when the issue or problem is not caused by you. Some things you can endeavour to solve to get over your disappointment, but with others such as the weather there is very little you can do about it!

In this Podcast, you will learn:

1) How to express your disappointment at some event or another

2) To talk about the reasons for such disappointment


A husband and wife are about to leave for a trip:


(Zài jiā lǐ)

(at home)

A: 哎呀,老婆,我刚收到航空公司的短信。说今天下午的航班取消了。

A: Āi yā, lǎo pó, wǒ gāng shōu dào háng kōng gōng sī de duǎn xìn. Shuō jīn tiān xià wǔ de háng bān qǔ xiāo le.

Hey, wife, I just got the text message from the airline company. It says our flight this afternoon has been cancelled.

B: 啊?怎么会这样啊。我们的行李都收拾好了,就等出发了。是什么原因取消的啊?

B: A? Zěn me huì zhè yàng a. Wǒ men de xíng lǐ dōu shōu shí hǎo le, jiù děng chū fā le. Shì shén me yuán yīn qǔ xiāo de a?

Ah? How come? We have already packed our luggage and are ready to set off. Why?

A: 据说是天气原因,天气预报说下午有台风。

A: Jù shuō shì tiān qì yuán yīn, tiān qì yù bào shuō xià wǔ yǒu tái fēng.

It says it’s due to the weather. The weather forecast expects there is going to be a typhoon this afternoon.

B: 唉,真是令人失望啊。希望天气快点好转。

B: Āi, zhēn shi lìng rén shī wàng a. Xī wàng tiān qì kuài diǎn hǎo zhuǎn.

How disappointing! I hope the weather turns better soon.

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:

刚:just now

收到:get, receive

航空公司:airline company

短信:text message




怎么会这样:how come?





出发:set out, departure

原因:cause, reason, because of

什么原因:what for, what’s the reason?

据说:it is said

天气预报:weather forecast



希望:hope, wish


好转:turn better, improve

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