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21-Day Detox

By Jamie Koonce @charcuterielove

21-Day Detox

Let’s face it.  We’re living in a toxic world.  Every day we take in PCBs, insecticides, VOCs, ozone particles, car exhaust, and other pollutants in through our lungs, skin, and in our food and water.  Our bodies have built-in detoxification mechanisms, but they aren’t meant to deal with the large amount of toxins we encounter in our modern world on a daily basis.  We can do our best to minimize toxins such as eating organic foods, drinking reverse osmosis or distilled water (and then adding the minerals and electrolytes back in before drinking it), using non-toxic cleaning products, avoiding cosmetics and shampoos that are made with petroleum and other chemicals, using a water filter in the shower, or pretty much just living in a bubble! Obviously we can’t avoid all the toxins if we are to live a halfway normal and sane life!

When our natural detoxification methods become overwhelmed with too many toxins, we can experience ill health — everything from sluggish thyroid function to skin problems, lack of energy, weight loss resistance, post-nasal drip, headaches, and muscle soreness to mental fatigue, brain fog, and moodiness.  I recommend doing a full body detox at least every 6 months (every 4 months if you live in a heavily polluted area or suffer from some kind of chronic health problem) to assist your body in getting rid of toxins.  One of the best detox regimens I have found so far is the PaleoCleanse made by a company called Designs for Health.

I’m going to do a 21-day detox with PaleoCleanse starting April 1st and I would love to have you join me.  There will be a private facebook support group specifically for people who are doing the cleanse.  Being able to participate in an online forum helps keep you accountable and motivated to complete the entire 21-day cleanse.

Please note that this is not a fad diet such as Master Cleanse, which can be dangerous and doesn’t really even support your body’s detoxification mechanisms.  Making yourself have violent diarrhea (drinking cayenne pepper lemonade on an empty stomach tends to do that) and starving yourself is NOT a method of detoxification!  It’s called an eating disorder!

The PaleoCleanse is jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and important co-factors needed for detoxification.  You will be able to work, play, exercise, and carry out your usual daily activities without feeling like poo.  You might even experience A LOT more energy than you normally do, especially during weeks 2 and 3 as well as AFTER you complete the 21 days.

For more details on PaleoCleanse, read this post.

Do it!

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