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2015: Positivity and Possibility

By Kaidarul @KaiDarul

2015: Positivity and Possibility
It's that time of the year again to wrap the entire year: to learn from mistakes, relive the good times and count the blessings.
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From exploring Japan to having to leave work to being an all-around person just for my mom, this year has indeed made my heart stronger but softer. 
2015: Positivity and Possibility
  • Japan! I welcomed 2015 with a month trip to one of my dream destinations, Japan. - Post

2015: Positivity and Possibility
  • Left Japan in February 6. I was able to experience snow for the first time and I loved it! 
  • 5th Lilpink Blogversary!

2015: Positivity and Possibility
  • Spoke before the graduates for my elementary and highschool alma maters. I asked Allah SWT years back and included this in my 2015 wishlist. I was really astounded when it came true. - 1, 2
2015: Positivity and Possibility
  • Reunited with my best friends. - Post
  • Became one of Shea Rasol's proteges and became one of her friends. <3 - Post
  • Visited Iligan City. 

May  2015: Positivity and Possibility
2015: Positivity and Possibility
  • Toured for the first time around Tawi-Tawi, specifically Panampangan Island and Municipality of Simunul. (Blog entry posted late.) - Post
  • Went viral. It was crazy and humiliating. Really! - Post
  • Left work and started taking care of my mom. She was confined in an alternative medicine clinic for a month.

  • Taking care of my mom. 

  • Still taking care of my mom.
  • Spoke (through video) before young writers in Tawi-Tawi about blogging. -  FB post
September 2015: Positivity and Possibility
  • Hijabi Mag officially partnered with Moslema in Style for MISIFF 2015. - Post

2015: Positivity and Possibility
  • Started coloring. - Post
  • Started working online as news writer. 
  • Enrolled for a fashion course online.
  • Talked about how my days from June-present is like.  - Post
  • Spoke (through a video) to hijabis in Pagadian City about Hijab. - Post

November - December
  • Life goes on. Still taking care of my mom. 
  • Resigned temporarily from online work to focus on her. (If there is a resignation like that. lol. Supervisors said I can come back. Wow!)

More than half of 2015 was spent taking care of my mom. At first, she can still stand up and take care of herself. Then everything was constantly going down. 
Suddenly, she can't move her lower limbs anymore. So, I had to learn how to nurse and take care of her properly. I had to let go my 'kaartehan' and change her diapers and clean her. I had to be strong and look for ways so I can finance her medication and therapy. 
My perspective of a happy life eventually changed from that of material things to simple joys of being with my mom. 
I also learned to treasure friendships and family more than anything. At my worst, only my friends and some from my family were there for me and constantly checking on me. Alhamdulillah for thoughtful and loving people.
Thanks for being part of my 2015. Let us rock 2016!

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