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185: How to Talk About Investments in Mandarin Chinese

By Learnmandarinnow

Most people are able to accumulate some spare money from their salaries—but just what do you do with it? Keep it in a tin under the bed? Or put it into the bank? Certain people like to make investments in the stock market or offer financial products offered by their bank. How about you?

In this Podcast, you will learn:

(i) To consider several types of investments you might want to make

(ii) How to discuss some other options for investment


A husband and wife are talking at home:


(zài jiā chī fàn)

(having dinner at home)


Lǎo pó, wǒ kàn tóng shì men dōu zài zuò tóu zī lǐ cái, zán men yě kāi shǐ ba?

Wife, I saw all my co-workers are making investments and undertaking financial management. Shall we start, too?


Hǎo a, fǎn zhèng qián cún zài yín háng, yě méi shén me lì xī.

Okay, deposit the money in the bank, but interest rates are low.


Gǔ piào ne, fēng xiǎn tǐng dà de, zán men jiù bié kǎo lǜ le. Bù guò, yín háng yǒu xiē bù cuò de lǐ cái xiàng mù, wǒ mén kě yǐ qù kàn kan.

Stocks are quite risky, so we shouldn’t even consider them. But the bank may have some interesting financial products, we can go and check them out.


Hǎo, huò zhě wǒ mén kě yǐ mǎi yī tào xiǎo diǎn de fáng, chū zū yòng.

Okay. Or maybe we can buy a small condo for renting out.

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:



理财:financial management

反正:anyway, after all

没什么:not much

存:deposit, save





别:don’t do something

理财项目/产品:financial product



出租用:use for renting

Cultural/Grammar note:

‘理财项目’ or ‘理财产品’ is ‘financial product’. If you go to the bank and want to buy a financial product, you could say:


Wǒ xiǎng mǎi lǐ cái chǎn pǐn.

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