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171: How to Talk About Accidents and Safety in Mandarin Chinese

By Learnmandarinnow

Sometimes unavoidable accidents will happen. They may be minor where no-one is injured or major where it is necessary to call a doctor or, even, an ambulance. Talking about such occurrences will broaden your understanding of day to day conversations and help you communicate with others more effectively!

In this Podcast, you will learn:

(i) How to give a warning about an accident about to happen

(ii) To talk about a minor accident and take the blame for it


A customer slips over in the restaurant:


(zài cān guǎn)

(in the restaurant)


Xiǎo xīn! Dì shàng yǒu shuǐ!

Watch out! There is water on the floor!


Āi yōu (huá dǎo)!

Ouch (falling down)!


Nǚ shì, (fú qǐ lái) nín méi shuāi zhe ba?

Ma’am, (helping her up) are you hurt?


Xiè xie, wǒ méi shì er. Dàn yào shì ge nián ji dà yī diǎn er de shuāi dǎo le, kě shì hěn wēi xiǎn de!

Thanks, I’m fine. But if an older person fell over, it would be very dangerous.


Nín shuō de shì. Zhè shì wǒ mén de shū hū. Zhè bu, wǒ zhèng yào cā dì ne.

You are right. Sorry, this was our fault. See, I’m just about to wipe the floor.


Nǐ mén zuì hǎo zài bǎi yī gè xiǎo xīn dì huá de jǐng shì pái, tí xǐng dà jiā zhù yì ān quán.

You’d better place a ‘caution, slippery floor’ warning sign to remind people about safety.

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:

小心:watch out/be careful


小心地滑:caution, slippery floor



您说的是:what you said is right


擦地:wipe the floor


警示牌:warning sign


Cultural/Grammar note:

‘可是’ is for emphasis in this dialog and does not mean ‘but’ in this case

‘这不’ is northern slang; it can mean ‘here you go’/‘here it is’ or ‘look, something is happening right now’, such as in this dialog.

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