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170: How to Negotiate in Mandarin Chinese

By Learnmandarinnow

Negotiating or bargaining is an intrinsic part of life in China—and in many other places for that matter. You may talk about prices in the market or shops—or even when it comes to your monthly salary! Are you confident enough to negotiate with someone or at least know some of the ways to make a good case for, let’s say, a salary increase?

In this Podcast, you will learn:

(i) How to negotiate terms and conditions for a new or existing job

(ii) To talk about your expectations on salary levels


At a meeting, two parties are negotiating:


(zài huì yì shì)

(in the meeting room)


Wáng Lì, guān yú xīn jīn dài yù děng qíng kuàng, nǐ kǎo lǜ le me? Yǒu shén me xiǎng fǎ?

Wang Li, in terms of salary and others, did you consider it? What do you think about it?


Wǒ jué de gè fāng miàn hěn hǎo, wéi dú xīn shuǐ bǐ wǒ yù xiǎng de dī yī xiē, bù zhī nín shì fǒu tóng yì gěi wǒ zài tí gāo bǎi fēn zhī èr shí?

I think all aspects sound good. Except the salary is lower than I expected. Not sure whether you can agree to an increase of 20% for me?


En, wǒ jué de nǐ de tí yì hé lǐ, dàn wǒ hái yào zài kāi huì què dìng yī xià.

I think that your proposal sounds reasonable. But I still need to call a meeting to decide.


Hǎo de, Gāo jīng lǐ, nà wǒ děng nín huí fù. Fēi cháng gǎn xiè nín gěi wǒ zhè cì jī huì!

No problem, manager Gao. I will wait for your reply then. I really appreciate this opportunity you have offered me.

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:

关于……等情况:in terms of





各方面:in all aspects



不知:a formal form of ‘不知道’

是否:a formal form of ‘是不是’




开会:call a meeting



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