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169: How to Talk About Finding Jobs in Mandarin Chinese

By Learnmandarinnow

Sometimes we all want to change our jobs—and other times we have no choice as, maybe, the company closes down or relocates. Can you talk to your colleagues about looking for new opportunities, or what if someone offers to help you find a new position? Make sure you know how to join in these conversations!

In this Podcast, you will learn:

(i) To talk about finding a new job with a colleague

(ii) How to suggest ideas to a friend who is looking for a new job


Two colleagues are talking about job-hunting


(zài kā fēi tīng)

(at the café)


Nǐ de gōng zuò zhǎo de zěn me yàng le?

How is your job search going?


Ai, méi shén me jìn zhǎn.

Not much progress.


Wǒ péng yǒu de guǎng gào gōng sī zhèng zài zhāo rén, dài yù hěn hǎo, dàn yǒu shí wǎn shàng hé zhōu mò xū yào jiā bān. Nǐ jué de xíng me?

My friend’s advertising company is hiring now. They pay really well. But sometimes you need to work at night and on weekends. Do you think that’s okay?


Wǒ tīng zhe bù cuò. Dào shí hou wǒ bǎ jiǎn lì gěi nǐ. Duō xiè nǐ la!

Sounds good to me! Later I will give you my resume. Thanks a lot!

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:


广告公司:advertising company



加班:work overtime

觉得行么:do you think it’s okay?

听着不错:sounds good

到时候:literally means ‘when this time’, which usually means ‘later’


Cultural/Grammar note:

‘到时候’ is very useful in Chinese daily conversation, as it means ‘later’.

e.g. 我能借十块钱吗,到时候我还你。

Wǒ néng jiè shí kuài qián ma, dào shí hòu wǒ huán nǐ.

Can I borrow ten Yuan? I will pay you back later.

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