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15 War Lords Have Escaped From Kabul State Prison

By Matthewthompson @MatthewTNY

15 war lords who were sentenced to death and were soon to appeal the sentence had done a bunk as reported by the RIA news agency. They managed to run away from the Kabul state Pul-e-Charki prison where the most dangerous criminals are commonly kept. This information has been proved by the press secretary of Taliban movement Zabiulla Mojohed.

15 War Lords Have Escaped From Kabul State Prison

According to the statement of Zabiulla Mojohed the illegal escape took place on the 21st of August 2012 approximately at 3 o’clock in the morning. “The criminals have already reunited with the Taliban community and their families.”- informed Mojohed during his interview to the internet portal “The Voice o Djihad”.

The Afghan news agency “Pajvak” gives some references to its source of information in the Kabul press center. The last reports that a large group of war lords sentenced to appeal the capital punishment “has literally evanesced from the third ward in the sixth block of this maximum custody type institution during this night”. However the official authorities haven’t commented upon this event yet.

15 War Lords Have Escaped From Kabul State Prison

The breaks-out from the maximum security prisons of Afghanistan is not an uncommon thing to happen in fact. During the last year the astonishing amount of five hundred dangerous criminals have broken out only from the central state prison of Kandagar. They managed to dig an underground tunnel more than three hundred meters long. Some of the Afghan policemen were ministerial to the mass break-out of killers, war lords, terrorists and drug dealers.

The citizens of Kabul are worried by the massive breaks-out and appeal to the local authorities to take the necessary measures in order to improve the security level in the state prisons. The matter is that the staff of the prisons in Afghanistan is often bribed and the criminals don’t have any obstacles to fulfill their plans to avoid appealing their sentence.

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