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15 Unique and Trendy Bob Hairstyles for 2015

By Rishiraj @beautyglimpseIn

Who says bob is boring? If you can wear it with ultimate confidence and proper attitude, you can absolutely rock it. Need some brand new bob hairstyle ideas for the upcoming year? Here we go:

1. Short Choppy Bob

Let’s start with this edgy short bob. The uneven ‘choppy’ look has made it funky, while the platinum blonde shade has complemented the style perfectly.

Short Choppy Bob

2. Half-n-Half Bob

Jazz up your look with this short half-n-half bob, which has straight hair with rounded edge at one side and curled up locks at other. The layered curved bang has made the style even sexier.

Half-n-Half Bob

3. Casual Bob

Go casual this year by opting for this unique laid-back bob. The long beautiful bang and the eye-catching combination of shades are enough to turn it into a big hit.

Casual Bob

4. Short Bob with Fringes

Sleek, shiny bob resting right on your ears and uneven frontal fringes – this hairstyle is an excellent choice for a smart, polished look. No?

Short Bob with Fringes

5. Stylish Short Bob

Here is the way to double up your style quotient this year, a face-contouring black bob with a large curved bang. Absolutely gorgeous!

Stylish Short Bob

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6. Black Cropped Bob

The best thing about this cropped bob is that it suits everyone irrespective of women and men. Let’s relive the charm of early 90’s with it. What say?

Black Cropped Bob

7. Short Stacked Bob

Stacked bob is all in vogue now, thanks to our glamorous Hollywood stars. If you are ready to give it a try, consider this dark mahogany brown one with a slight messy finish.

Short Stacked Bob

8. Relaxed Asymmetric Bob

Looking for a cool, relaxed hairstyle? This asymmetric bob cut with even fringes on forehead will be your right choice. Smoothen and texturize the rough, dry hair before trying it.

 Relaxed Asymmetric Bob

9. Bob with Wispy Points

How about this layered bob with nice wispy points? If you are a blonde, this style is certainly going to suit you the best. And don’t overlook that amazing bang!

Bob with Wispy Points

10. Curly and Playful Bob

Curls look ravishing on bob. Is it hard to believe? Well, take a look at those luscious coils embracing the face and you will realize why we just love curly and playful bobs.

Curly and Playful Bob

11. Swinging Bob

A light golden blonde bob with a lovely bang and lots of volume – adopt this style for giving your hair a stunning makeover this year. We just love those swings. Don’t you?

Swinging Bob

12. Curly and Messy Bob

You’ve already seen the magic of curls on a bob. Now, add a twist to it by giving it a light messy finish. Liked the light auburn hairstyle in the picture? We liked it too.

Curly and Messy Bob

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13. Asymmetrical Bob with Layers

Here is another asymmetrical and intensely layered bob. That long, curly, side-swept bang is simply awesome. You can make your style even more unique by adding beautiful lowlights to your tresses.

Asymmetrical Bob with Layers

14. Messy Bob with Bang

Want to look trendy yet elegant in a bob? Check out this medium brown hairstyle in which a delicate bang has complemented the messy hair perfectly.

Messy Bob with Bang

15. Funky bob with Layered Bang

Finally, here is the funkiest choice. It is basically a light golden blonde with a perfectly curved bang. But the bright pink and dynamic yellow highlights have made it quite trendy and stunning. Any doubt?

Funky bob with Layered Bang

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