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136: How to Talk About Where Things Are in Mandarin Chinese

By Learnmandarinnow

Sometimes it’s hard to keep a track of your possessions, especially if your mother or maid cleans or tidies your room. How do you ask where things are when you can’t seem to see them?

In this Podcast, you will learn:

(i) How to ask where things have been moved to

(ii) To check where certain items are located Dialogue:

(在家里) (Zài jiā lǐ) (at home)

A: 妈,你又给我收拾房间啦?

Mā, nǐ yòu gěi wǒ shōu shí fáng jiān la?

Mother, did you clean my room again?

B: 是啊!看你房间乱的!

Shì ā! Kàn nǐ fáng jiān luàn de! Of course!

Your room was really messy!

A: 我的帽衫在哪?

Wǒ de mào shān zài nǎ? Where is my hoodie?

B: 在衣柜里。

Zài yī guì lǐ.

In the wardrobe.

A: 哦找到了……我放在收音机旁边的文件夹呢?

Ò zhǎo dào le. Wǒ fàng zài shōu yīn jī páng biān de wén jiàn jiā ne?

Oh, I found it. Where is the folder I put next to the radio?

B: 在书柜上!

Zài shū guì shàng!

It’s on the bookcase.

A: 哦。我的书包你放哪儿了?

Ò. Wǒ de shū bāo nǐ fàng nǎ er le?

Oh, where did you put my backpack?

B: 就在你的椅子下面啊。

Jìu zài nǐ de yǐ zi xià miàn a.

It’s right under your chair.

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:


在家:at home

收拾:clean/tidy up/organise


给……收拾房间:clean room for someone



在哪:where is/are




旁边:next to

文件夹:file folder








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