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135: How to Talk About Finding Things in Mandarin Chinese

By Learnmandarinnow

So many people seem to lose their mobile phones or other things these days, maybe leaving them is a taxi or putting somewhere they can’t recall. How do you tell someone else what has happened or work on recovering your lost or mislaid item?

In this Podcast, you will learn:

(i) To talk about finding something which maybe someone else has lost

(ii) How to answer if someone asks whether you have found something



(chū zū chē shàng)

(in a taxi)

A: 您好!您去哪儿?

Nín hǎo! Nín qù nǎ er?

Hello! Where to?


Nín hǎo, qù qián mén. Yí? Shī fu zhè hòu zuò shàng shì shuí de shǒu jī a?

Hello, go to Qian Men. Oh.., whose mobile phone is it on the back seat?


Yōu, zhè kěn dìng shì nǎ wèi chéng kè là xià de.

Hmm, some passenger must have dropped it.


(diàn huà xiǎng)

(the phone rings) B:来电话了……喂,您好!

Lái diàn huà le. Wéi, nín hǎo! Someone is calling. Hello!


Wéi! Nín hǎo! Wǒ shì zhè shǒu jī de zhǔ rén! Wǒ gāng cái bǎ zhè shǒu jī là chū zū chē shàng le. Nín jiǎn dào le?

Hello! I am the owner of this mobile phone. I dropped it in the taxi just now. Did you pick it up?

B: 对。您在哪儿呢?我和师傅把手机给你送过去。

Duì. Nín zài nǎ er ne? wǒ hé shī fu bǎ shǒu jī gěi nǐ sòng guò qù. Yes. Where are you?

The driver and I will bring the phone to you.

C: 啊,真是太感谢您和司机师傅了!

À, zhēn shì tài gǎn xiè nín hé sī jī shī fu le!

Ah, thank you and the driver so much!

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:


在出租车上:in a taxi

后座:back seat

手机:cell phone







刚才:just now

捡到:pick up


给你送过去:bring something to you

太感谢:thank you so much

Cultural/Grammar notes:

In the Beijing accent, ‘er’ is added after the last word of the sentence, e.g. ‘前门儿’. The only situation they don’t add ‘er’ after the last word is when ‘前门’ means ‘front door’ ‘师傅’ usually means ‘master’ or ‘a qualified worker’ but, in this context, it is a polite way to refer to the taxi driver

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