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134: How to Compare Two Different Places in Mandarin Chinese

By Learnmandarinnow

With more and more people wanting to travel these days, talking about comparisons between places is inevitable. One place will be more to the liking of some, whilst another place might appeal to others. It might be the food or the weather or, indeed, a multitude of other factors which people compare…

In this Podcast, you will learn:

(i) To compare two different cities or locations

(ii) How to describe the features of one place compared to another

Dialogue: A father and daughter are comparing different places:


(diàn huà líng xiǎng)

(the phone rings)

A: 喂您好?

Wéi nín hǎo?



Wéi, lǎo bà, shì wǒ ā! Wǒ ān quán dǐ dá Jiù Jīn Shān le!

Hello, dad, it’s me! I have arrived in San Francisco safely.

A: 哎呦我闺女,一切都好么?那边儿怎么样啊?

Āi yōu wǒ guī nǚ, yī qiè dōu hǎo me? Nà biān er zěn me yàng ā?

Hello daughter, is everything okay? How are things over there?


Dōu hěn hǎo, nín fàng xīn! Zhǐ shì, zhè biān de xià tiān hé Běi Jīng wán quán bù yī yàng ai. Běi Jīng dōu mēn rè sǐ le, yī dào zhè biān, suī rán tài yáng tǐng dà, dàn qì wēn tè bié liáng, wǒ dōu chuān shàng jiá kè le.

Everything is good, don’t worry. The only thing is the summer here is totally different from Beijing. Beijing is so hot and stuffy. When I got here, although it’s sunny, it’s very chilly so I had to put on my jacket.

A: 是吗,可别感冒啊!自己照顾好自己!

Shì ma, kě bié gǎn mào ā! Zì jǐ zhào gù hǎo zì jǐ!

Is that so? Don’t catch a cold! Take care of yourself!

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:




旧金山:San Francisco



那边:over there

放心:don’t worry




闷热:hot and stuffy






感冒:catch a cold


照顾:take care of

Cultural/Grammar notes:

‘喂’ (wéi) which means ‘hello’ is only for telephone conversations in Chinese Facebook It might be Beijing or it might be San Francisco but, in any event, Learn Mandarin Now Podcast 134 will help you learn to compare different places around the globe. Our Podcasts can be followed five days a week, and listening to them regularly will increase your effectiveness of studying Mandarin Chinese!

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