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13 Weeks

By Slowdownandsavor

Happy Fall everyone! I can’t get enough of this cooler weather! Wahoo! So while I sit here, with the windows open and the crisp air splashing through with the daytime sun, I decided to get started with my first weekly update that will be part of my pregnancy story.


I got a lot of out of reading other women’s stories and weekly updates on their blogs, like Jenna’s from Jenna’s Everything Blog, and her blog, along with others, have become my inspiration for doing this for myself.


I know that aside from being interesting and informative reading, these updates will serve as a fun journal to look back on once our sweet baby is welcomed into the world, and grows up to be a young man or woman. So without further ado…


How far along: 13 weeks – Began on 9/20/14


Weight Gain: 7 lbs from the day we found out that I have a bun in the oven, nearly 2 months ago, 7/27/14


Clothes: While my clothes still fit, I feel uncomfortable with waistbands too high on my stomach. I’m also finding that I’m uncomfortable with anything that’s a bit on the snug side. My semi-tight shirts are getting more than semi-tight, which is pretty surprising to me. I was under the impression that body changes are minimal to none during the first trimester, but I have to say, you can see a noticeable difference pretty readily when it comes to my little baby bump. I was even told by the 6-year-old of the house that he can, and I quote, “see the baby” through my shirt! OH my…


I have started seeking out the baggier shirts in my closet, and have found solace in flowey fabrics. It’s no that I’m trying to hide the bump, but rather just finding that they’re just a lot more comfortable at this time.


Body: Not awesome at all. From weeks 7 through 12, morning sickness plagued me. Between the nausea, queasiness and throwing up, I’ve just been a bit miserable. Tie that in with a early showing baby bump, I’ve just been reeling with all the changes. Plus, this past week I’ve been smacked with the Flu of all things. Thank God for Tamiflu. Just saying.

Luckily, I never really had any bloating, and gas has been to a minimum, but heartburn has started to rear its ugly head. I also had hardly any constipation, which is awesome in my book. I have had aches, and some round ligament pains, but those have been pretty bearable.


Food Cravings: Chili, Chili Dogs with mustard and onion, soft serve ice cream, Claussen pickles, Fruit Roll-Ups, Italian hoagies, spicy collard greens, cheese burgers, McDonald’s Hot Mustard, coleslaw, Rudy’s & Kent Black’s potato salad


Aversions: The smell of coffee, coconut, mac & cheese, fish (but not tuna fish from Subway. That’s still good.)


Movement: None, but that’s going to be so awesome when it happens!


Emotions: Super emotional. Cry me a river! Also moody – sorry, Michael! But the past few days, I’ve been a lot more level with my emotions. It seems that a lot of things are leveling off, and that’s VERY nice.


What I miss: Feeling normal. Having energy. Not having to worry about my clothes fitting.


What I’m looking forward to: Feeling the little baby move around, and of course the bigger bump – I just want to get out of this awkward phase where it looks more like I had one too many cheeseburgers, rather than having a bun in the oven.


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