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128: How to Talk About Choosing Clothes in Mandarin Chinese

By Learnmandarinnow

 Who doesn’t love to go clothes shopping and take time to select items we like? Or maybe it’s time to choose a gift or present for someone close to us. Are you able to do this?

In this Podcast, you will learn:

(i) How to select an item of clothing for yourself or someone close to you

(ii) To decide whether the article might or might not be suitable


Two people are talking about buying a present for their father:

A: 哎,你看这件衬衫,买给爸爸当父亲节礼物怎么样?

Ài, nǐ kàn zhè jiàn chèn shān, mǎi gěi bà ba dāng fù qīn jié lǐ wù zěn me yàng?

Hey, look at this shirt. How about we buy it for Dad as his Father’s Day present?

B: 呃,哥,你觉得咱爸会穿颜色这么鲜艳的衬衫么?

Ē, gē, nǐ jué de zán bà huì chuān yán sè zhè me xiān yàn de chèn shān me?

Eh, brother, do you think that our Dad will wear this kind of shirt with such bright colours?

A: 哦,也对。

Ò, yě duì.

Hmm, that’s right, maybe not.

B: 要我说,咱们得选一些颜色素净一点儿,款式别太新潮,穿上显得精神的衬衫。

Yào wǒ shuō, zán men děi xuǎn yì xiē yǎn sè sù jìng yī diǎn er, kuǎn shì bié tài xīn cháo, chuān shàng xiǎn de jīng shén de chèn shān.

I think we should choose a shirt which has simple colours, and a less trendy style but will still look good on him.

A: 好,就听你的。那咱们再接着挑!

Hǎo, jìu tīng nǐ de. Nà zán men zài jiē zhe tiāo!

Yes, you are right. Let’s keep looking.

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:

父亲节:Father’s Day












要我说:I think


素净:simple and clean colours



别太:don’t be too

显得精神:looks good/looks full of energy

就听你的:you are right

接着:keep on


Cultural/Grammar notes:

In Chinese conversation, a casual way of saying ‘我们’ is ‘咱们’ which includes the speaker—and ‘咱们’ is used in some dialects whilst not in others.

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