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124: How to Express Your Opinion in Mandarin Chinese

By Learnmandarinnow

Now and then, when we are not totally sure about things, we try to ask or refer to something tentatively to avoid the listener thinking all is definite. It’s quite a skill, especially when speaking a new language, but one that’s very useful to learn!

In this Podcast, you will learn:

(i) To talk about something which may not yet be definite

(ii) How to discuss a topic about which not everything is certain


A: 嘿嘿,看起来张磊对你有意思呀。Hēihēi, kàn qǐlái zhānglěi duì nǐ yǒuyìsi ya.

Hey, Zhanglei seemed interested in you.

B: 啊?为什么这么说?A? Wèishéme zhème shuō?

Really, why do you say that?

A: 昨晚派对结束的时候,他问我要你的手机号来着。我猜他可能要约你出去呦!Zuó wǎn pàiduì jiéshù de shíhòu, tā wèn wǒ yào nǐ de shǒujī hào láizhe. Wǒ cāi tā kěnéng yāoyuē nǐ chūqù yōu!

Last night when the party was finished, he asked me for your phone number. I guess he wants to ask you out.

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:




昨晚:last night




手机号:mobile phone number

我猜:I guess


约你出去:ask you out

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