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120: How to Ask for Sick Leave in Mandarin Chinese

By Learnmandarinnow

If you really are ill and can’t go to work, are you able to let your co-workers or colleagues know effectively? Or, if you are the boss and your staff call in sick, make sure you can understand them!

In this Podcast, you will learn:

(i) To discuss with your colleagues your illness, and request sick leave

(ii) How to explain that you are not well and need to take a rest and/or medicine


A: 喂,王强?Wei, wángqiáng?

Hello Wang.

B: 哎,小刘。你到公司了吧?Āi, xiǎo liú. Nǐ dào gōngsīle ba?

Hello Liu, have you arrived at the company?

A: 我到了。怎么了?Wǒ dàole. Zěnmeliǎo?

Yes, I have. Why?

B: 麻烦你帮我请个假好么?我发烧了,今天上不了班了。Máfan nǐ bāng wǒ qǐng gè jiǎ hǎo ma? Wǒ fāshāole, jīntiān shàng bùliǎo bānle.

Can you please help to ask for sick leave for me? I have a fever and won’t be able to go to work today.

A: 呦,是么?那你在家好好休息吧。我帮你请假,没问题,你放心。Yōu, shì ma? Nà nǐ zàijiā hǎohǎo xiūxí ba. Wǒ bāng nǐ qǐngjià, méi wèntí, nǐ fàngxīn.

Oh dear, have you? You should get good rest at home. I will help you ask for sick leave. Don’t worry.

B: 好,那就麻烦你了。Hǎo, nà jiù máfan nǐle.

Okay. Thanks a lot.

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:



我到了:I arrive


帮我:help me

请假:ask for leave

发烧:have a fever

我到了:I arrive

怎么了:What’s up?

请个假:ask for leave

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