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119: Going to See a Doctor in Mandarin Chinese

By Learnmandarinnow

Unfortunately, now and then everyone gets ill. It might be a virus or a cold or simply that you are run down owing to too much work and stress. Maybe you will need to see a doctor at his clinic or even go to a hospital. Find out what to say when you are not well…

In this Podcast, you will learn:

(i) To explain the symptoms to a doctor when you don’t feel so good

(ii) How to describe the way you feel and understand the treatment suggested

Dialogue: at the hospital, a doctor is seeing a patient:

医生:怎么不舒服?Zěnme bú shūfú?

How are you feeling?

病人:我昨晚开始发烧,38度5。嗓子疼,头疼,鼻塞,流鼻涕。感觉晕晕的。Wǒ zuó wǎn kāishǐ fāshāo,38 dù 5. Sǎngzi téng, tóuténg, bísè, liú bítì. Gǎnjué yūn yūn de.

My fever started yesterday evening, it was 38.5 degrees. I have a sore throat, headache and runny nose. I feel quite dizzy.


Ó, nǐ zhè shì dé liúgǎnle. Gěi nǐ kāi diǎn tuìshāo yào jiùxíng. Duō xiūxí, duō hē shuǐ. Rúguǒ chāoguò 3 tiān hái bù tuìshāo, jiù zàilái fùzhěn. Hǎo ba?

Oh, you’ve got the flu. I will prescribe some medicine for you. Get a lot of rest and drink lots of water. If the fever has not gone in three days, come back and see me, okay?

病人: 好。谢谢大夫。Hǎo. Xièxiè dàfū.

Okay. Thanks Doctor.

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:

不舒服:don’t feel comfortable

昨晚:yesterday evening

开始:get started

发烧:have a fever

嗓子痛:sore throat

鼻塞:stuffy nose

流鼻涕:running nose





多休息:have more rest

退烧:fever has gone

复诊:return visit (to the hospital)


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