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111: How to Talk About Your Home in Mandarin Chinese

By Learnmandarinnow

Most people aspire to own or rent a nice new property. In many Chinese cities there are so many new properties being built, but some are better than others! Learn how to talk about the characteristics of a new apartment or house you might be considering…

In this Podcast, you will learn:

(i) How to explain about the actual accommodation in a house or apartment

(ii) To comment on the features of the bedrooms and living space

Dialogue: A person is showing her new home to her friend:

A: 来,快进来看看我的新房。Lái, kuài jìnlái kàn kàn wǒ de xīnfáng.

Hi, please come and see my new home.

B: 啊呀,这客厅可真大。Aya, zhè kètīng kě zhēn dà.

Wow, this living room is really big.

A:这边是厨房,一共三室两厅两卫,还有一个阳台。Zhè biān shì chúfáng, yīgòng sānshì liǎng tīng liǎng wèi, hái yǒu yīgè yángtái.

This is the kitchen. The house has a total of three bedrooms, two living rooms, two bathrooms and there is also a balcony.

B: 这三个卧室都挺宽敞。卫生间采光也好。Zhè sān gè wòshì dōu tǐng kuānchǎng. Wèishēngjiān cǎiguāng yě hǎo.

These three bedrooms are spacious, and the natural lighting in the bathroom is good as well.

A: 是啊,我们真是等不及要搬进来呢!Shì a, wǒmen zhēnshi děng bùjí yào bān jìnlái ne!

Yes, we can’t wait to move in!

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:

来:Come here is a popular phrase to use when you are about to show something to others

客厅:living room


真大:really big




客厅:living room



采光:natural light

等不及:can’t wait

搬进来:move in

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