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104: Saying Goodbye Or Farewell in Mandarin Chinese

By Learnmandarinnow

We leave each other all the time—maybe we are going to work or just going to the shops; or maybe on a business trip for a few days or more. So how do you day goodbye or farewell to these who are leaving? And what do you expect others to say to you?

In this Podcast, you will learn:

(i) To say farewell or goodbye to someone who is leaving for a few days

(ii) How to remind the other person to do something whilst you are away

Dialogue: A couple are saying goodbye at the door of their apartment:

A: 老公,我走了啊。千万别忘了帮我取快递。Lǎogōng, wǒ zǒule a. Qiān wàn bié wàngle bāng wǒ qǔ kuàidì.

Husband, I am leaving. Don’t forget to collect the express package for me when it comes.

B: 知道了。Zhīdàole.

I know.

A: 千万别忘了14号要带小白体检。Qiān wàn bié wàngle 14 hào yào dài xiǎo bái tǐjiǎn.

Also, don’t forget to bring our dog (Xiao Bai) to have its check –up (dog barking).

B: 哎呀,你就放心吧。一路平安!好好玩啊!Āiyā, nǐ jiù fàngxīn ba. Yīlù píng’ān! Hǎo hǎowán a!

Aiya, don’t worry. Have a safe trip. Go and have fun.

A: 好吧,等到了三亚我给你打电话。拜拜!Hǎo ba, děng dàole sānyà wǒ gěi nǐ dǎ diànhuà. Bàibài!

Okay, I will give you a call when I arrive at Sanya. Bye-bye!

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:


我走了啊:I am going

千万:be sure to

别:do not


帮我:help me

取:receive, pick

快递:express package (refers to the type of package that people usually buy online, and they receive the product by mail).

知道了:I got it

别忘:don’t forget

14号:14th of this month


小白:nick name of the dog

体检:body check-up

你放心:don’t worry

一路平安:safe trip

好好玩:have fun

好吧:okay, all right


给你电话:give you a call


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