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103: How to Express Doubts in Mandarin Chinese

By Learnmandarinnow

Not everything you might hear is the truth or has been confirmed. So, how do you question what you are hearing. Or what if someone asks you to reconfirm what you’ve just told them, can you do it clearly and accurately?

In this Podcast, you will learn:

(i) How to query something you have just been told

(ii) To ask someone to reconfirm a statement they have just made

Dialogue: Two colleagues are talking about their company’s travel plans at the end of the year:

A:小王,你知道年底公司组织旅游去哪儿么?Xiǎo wáng, nǐ zhīdào niándǐ gōngsī zǔzhī lǚyóu qù nǎ’er me?

Mr Wang, do you know where are we going for the year-end company trip?

B:知道呀。去三亚!Zhīdào ya. Qù sānyà!

Yes. San Ya.

A: 啊?三亚啊。你确定么?A? Sānyà a. Nǐ quèdìng me?

San Ya, are you sure?

B:我确定啊。Wǒ quèdìng a.

Yes, I am sure.

A: 真的假的?不是去泰国么?Zhēn de jiǎ de? Bùshì qù tàiguó me?

Really? Aren’t we going to Thailand?

B: 不是啊。呵呵,你想的美啊。Bùshì a. Hēhē, nǐ xiǎng dì měi a.

Of course not. Hehe, you wish.

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:

你知道:Do you know?

年底:year end, at the end of the year





知道:know, understand

三亚:Sanya city


我确定:I am sure

真的假的: really


你想的美:you wish

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