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10/24/12 NXT Review- Heath Slater Vs Seth Rollins

By Neliem @NelieMarie


*Winners in Bold

Before the show started they show footage of earlier in the day were shown. Heath Slater entered Dusty Rhodes office to propose a title match to which Rhodes says he has to win his shots. Then Vickie Guerrero appears and says she is recruiting the future. Somehow that convinced Dusty and the main event was for this week was set. Heath Slater with Vickie at his corner will face Seth Rollins and if he wins he will get a NXT title shot.

Brodus Clay w/ Funkadactyls vs Camacho—The show starts with a match between the Funkasaurus who now will go on extinction on WWE TV facing someone who is already extinct on WWE programming Camacho. Where is Hunico? Did they released him and I didn’t hear about it. At the start of the match it was Clay dominating Camacho but that changed throughout the match. Clay looked strong like he always did before his push went away but the most impressive move of the match was on the hands of Camacho. He did a Samoan Drop on Clay, I think that’s more impressive than Cesaro hitting the Neutralizer on Clay. But that move wasn’t enough to get him the win at the end Clay hit the splash to get the win.

Kassius Ohno vs Trent Barretta—The returning Trent Barretta had his third match since his return against the man that’s been tormenting Richie Steamboat. As expected the crowd was behind Trent al the way as he battle Ohno’s explosiveness in the ring. Great to see Barretta doing all his high risk maneuvers while Ohno continued with his explosive self. Just when things were looking good for Ohno the injured Richie Steamboat returned just to cost him the match by throwing a white towel on his face. The match was good but the ending was weird. On the bright side the Ohno-Steamboat saga continues.

Layla & Alicia Fox vs Paige & Audrey Marie—Divas action which in NXT means that you don’t want to miss this match. Like always the divas showed things they don’t show on TV. There were different types of pining combinations and like Regal said Alicia Fox has the most beautiful bridge in wrestling. The ending sequence had both English Women Layla and Paige with the latter one hitting her finishing move to then be tagged by her partner who subsequently lost the match because of the tag.

Bronson (via Sub) vs Lincoln Brodrick—The two men involved in this match might be the most intimidating guys I’ve seen in NXT, that’s why it was rare that it was a squash match. But maybe that’s why it was a squash match. When you look at Bronson he looks really intimidating, and when he beats someone of the physique of Lincoln so easily it makes him look more imitating. His submission move reminds me of the Figure Four, maybe is the hybrid of it.

Backstage footage of an angry Kassius Ohno are shown. With that footage you can see they’re in a University because it looks like their locker room is a classroom.

The US Champion makes an appearance to address the crowd at Full Sail. He tells them that he has brought the US title to a level no other American has done. He then tells the fans to stand up for the National Anthem. When a decent amount of fans stand up he tells the crew to play the Swiss Anthem that’s when Tyson Kidd appears. He first makes fun of Antonio’s man purse and his reaction is hilarious and then he says he wants a shot at the US title. Cesaro then starts to yell at him in one of the 5 languages he speaks. Tyson then slaps him and dropkicks him out of the ring. The two have a staredown while the fans chant “USA”.

Heath Slater w/ Vickie Guerrero vs Seth Rollins—With Vickie at his corner Heath Slater faced the NXT Champion. A good match between the two that helped Rollins continue his strong showing as Champion. Once again he ended the match with another finisher that looked pretty good. But the Blackout will still be his best move, I just think that move looks pretty brutal.

Overall this show wasn’t as great as other edition but is still the best weekly wrestling show. Divas match was good, the Steamboat-Ohno saga is still the best thing on the show and Rollins keeps on winning, NXT like always delivers a good show even when it isn’t their best show.

Final Score: 8.7/10

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