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102: How to Show Appreciation in Mandarin Chinese

By Learnmandarinnow

Often, another person will do something worthy of appreciation or thanks. It might be something simple like taking you to a restaurant you like or helping you practice for a job interview. Be sure to show that you are grateful and express yourself well!

In this Podcast, you will learn:

(i) To show your appreciation for someone doing something for you

(ii) How to indicate that you are grateful for someone else’s actions

Dialogue: Two old friends meet each other in a grocery market:

A: 啊呀李刚,你也来买菜。真巧啊!Aya lǐgāng, nǐ yě lái mǎi cài. Zhēn qiǎo a!

Aha, Li Gang. You also come here to buy groceries, what a coincidence!

B: 可不是么!这么巧。Kě bùshì ma! Zhème qiǎo.

Yes, it certainly is.

A: 昨天聚会你走的早。我还没来得及感谢你呢!Zuótiān jùhuì nǐ zǒu de zǎo. Wǒ hái méi láidéjí gǎnxiè nǐ ne!

Yesterday you left the party early. I did not have a chance to thank you.

B: 唉,不用谢。Āi, bùyòng xiè.

Oh, you’re welcome.

A: 我这刚回国,很多同学都联系不上。真是多亏了你。Wǒ zhè gāng huíguó, hěnduō tóngxué dōu liánxì bù shàng. Zhēnshi duōkuīle nǐ.

I am just back to China? I hadn’t been in touch with many classmates until yesterday. Many thanks.

B: 哪儿的话。你好不容易回来一趟,我这是应该的。Nǎ’er dehuà. Nǐ hǎobù róngyì huílái yī tàng, wǒ zhè shì yīnggāi de.

Not at all, I know it’s not easy for you to come back. It’s my pleasure.

A: 那家饭店的上海菜也特别地道。我觉得特别好吃。真是太感谢你了。Nà jiā fàndiàn de shànghǎi cài yě tèbié dìdào. Wǒ juédé tèbié hào chī. Zhēnshi tài gǎnxiè nǐle.

The Shanghai food in that restaurant is very authentic. I thought it was really delicious.

B: 嘿嘿,别客气。我就知道你好这口儿!Hēihēi, bié kèqì. Wǒ jiù zhīdào nǐ hǎo zhè kǒu er!

Oh, not at all. I know you like that style!

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:

也:also , too

买菜:buy groceries

巧:coincidence,by chance



走得早:leave early

没来得及:didn’t have chance to

不用谢:you are welcome

刚回国:just back to (China)



多亏了你:thanks to you

哪儿的话:not at all

好不容易:not easy

回来:come back

那家饭店:that restaurant

上海菜:Shanghai cuisine

地道: authentic

我觉得:I feel

特别:especially, very much


太感谢:thank you very much

别客气:you are welcome

好这口:like this style

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