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10 Weird and Wonderful Hotels

By Vacation10

Fancy a break from the monotony of the average standardized hotel room? You’re in luck! We have compiled a list of ten hotels and accommodation choices that are sure to put a spring back into your step.

10. Jumbo Stay, Stockholm

Bridal Suite in the Jumbo Hostel

photo: carlbob

Making use of a decommissioned 747-200, the  Jumbo Hostel is situated at the Arlanda airport in Stockholm, Sweden. Pictured above is the cockpit suite which (as the name suggests) is situated right in the cockpit. Altogether the hostel manages to squeeze 27 rooms into the hull of this now retired queen of the skies.

For further information and pictures you can visit the official website.Jumbo Stay

Dog Bark Park Inn, USA

dog bark park inn

Dog Bark Park Inn in Idaho, where being in the doghouse is a good thing! The bed and breakfast guesthouse operates from within the World’s Largest Beagle, truly a unique claim.

Visit the official website for more! Dog Bark Park Inn

8. ELKEP EVi Cave Hotel, Turkey

weird hotels cappadocia cave hotel

Escape from the stress of big cities and your usual tourist accommodation in the wonderful Elkep Evi Cave Hotel. Surrounded by nature, this very intimate boutique style hotel offers a break from the hustle and bustle of the buzzy world we live in.

See more on the official cave hotel website: Elkep Evi Hotel

7. Attrap’Rêves Bubble Hotel, France

weird hotels bubble hotel

Be at one with nature (without getting wet) in the Attrap’Rêves bubble hotel. The stylish and minimalistic bubbles come in a variation of designs and are offered at multiple locations in France. Watch the stars and “camp” in style.

Check out the the website: Bubble Hotel

6. Salt & Sill Floating Hotel, Sweden

weird hotels salt and sill sweden

Hailed as Sweden’s first floating hotel, the Salt & Sill features a modern and stylish Scandinavian design and at times moving scenery outside your hotel window.

Visit the website for more info: Salt & Sill

5. Propeller Island City Lodge, Germany

weird hotels propeller island city lodge

The Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin, Germany features a range of weirdly themed hotel rooms. Pictured above is the coffin room, another room themed towards you nutters out there is room 28, the padded cell.

Check it out Propeller Island City Lodge

4. Capsule Hotel, The Netherlands

weird hotels capsule hotel

Not exactly luxurious but pretty unique, previously used as survival pods on oil rigs these floating capsules are bookable in always changing locations.

Capsule Hotel

3. Igloo Village, Finland

weird hotels igloo village northern lights

The Igloo Village is offered by Hotel Kakslauttanen and features glass topped igloos that are ideal for watching the northern lights spectacle.

Igloo Village

2. Crane Hotel, The Netherlands

weird hotels harbor crane hotel

This transformed harbor crane now features a lovely designed interiour that sleeps 2 people. You can actually still rotate the cabin (in your pajamas if you wish) and have a 360 view of the scenery. Visit the official website for bookings: Crane Hotel

1. Lighthouse Hotel, The Netherlands

weird hotels lightouse hotel

Once a lighthouse, now a hotel. Run by the same organization as the crane hotel. Lighthouse Hotel

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