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10 Things You Might Not Know About Julia (Me) – Just to Change It Up

By Blessmybag @blessmybag

A parade of reviews is a fun feat but can get tiring for a blogger and it’s great to have an ice breaker once in awhile.  I do have a product review today but first I’d like my readers to know a little more about me because I do think I am a little strange but by grace still wonderful in God’s eyes.  Hehe, here are a few things about me that might surprise you.

1.  I was named after my paternal grandmother, Julieta, and the movie, “Julia” starring Vanessa Redgrave and Jane Fonda.  It’s noble but depressing, don’t watch it.

2.  I live in Calamba, Laguna, but work mainly in Metro Manila since I’m a freelancer, my shoot schedule is irregular.  If I have no shoot, I stay home mostly to save money, cuddle my pets, read, and blog.

3. I’m a U.P. Fine Arts graduate, and in spite of being busy with extra-curricular work after class as a University council member I graduated with Cum Laude Honors.  I’m proud of my alma mater and I’m proud to say I did well, that’s for you, Lolo. I also digitally painted for awhile in Photoshop when a friend who is now in ILM/Lucasfilms SG taught me.  When I was bored at work before I did it a lot, it’s just that I stopped when I got too busy. (drawn with Wacom and Photoshop)

10 Things You Might Not Know about Julia (Me) – Just to Change it Up

10 Things You Might Not Know about Julia (Me) – Just to Change it Up

10 Things You Might Not Know about Julia (Me) – Just to Change it Up

4. I once spent a lot of time with University activists after class.  I hesitate to say that I became one, because I wasn’t as fully committed, but I did stand in heavy rain in a shirt, shorts and pair of slippers right in front of the U.S. Embassy police who had shields and sticks, when I say right in front I mean the shield was right in my face.  If I believe in something, I’m not afraid…but ok yea, I was a bit nervous.  I then ran to a nearby restaurant with a friend, we removed our clothes and used their hand dryer to get them dry.

5. I’m Kapampangan at heart and I’ll eat almost anything, as long as it isn’t alive, thanks to Lolo who stuck all sorts of things into my mouth as the eldest apo.  Guys that I’ve dated in the past love this about me, they bring me almost anywhere and I’ll eat as much as them no matter what it is (but I’m slower than them), especially foods lots of people tend to stay away from.  Burger pickles, ampalaya, isaw, kimchi, snails, liver, chicken hearts, chicken butts, chicken feet, durian, kamias, papaitan, frogs legs, camaro (inadobong locusts/crickets), tripe, ox brain, goat head soup, steamed vegetables, tomato juice, vegetable juice (V8) you name it I’m game to eat and I lack poise at the table.  I also like normal food in addition to all that and I’m not picky with any form of International cuisine.

6.  I love animals but I’m not a vegetarian.  I think cows are cute but I still like steak and leather bags.

7.  I have a brother who will one day become a Philippine football Azkal and later on play for a FIFA recognized club.  He’s currently in the Kaya Elite training pool, a junior reserve of the UFL league in which Aly Borromeo plays.  Aly Borromeo was my elementary classmate.

8. I’m still healing from the breakup of a passionate, previous relationship that lasted almost 3 years…we’re civil,but I believe I’m better and am slowly moving on.

9. Lots of people in my lifetime, ever since grade school, have tried pushing my buttons because I have the face of someone young with no fight in them, but I’m a fighter, if they push my buttons, I’ll be dedma the first time, if they do it again I’ll sprain the fingers they pushed them with.  If I get backstabbed, which has happened, I won’t backstab for revenge that’s cheap, it’s either I’ll shut up or I’ll find them personally and confront them civilly, open-mindedly, and unarmed.  I’m also a good “prosecutor” and I’ve written some really good formal complaint/grievance letters for friends who’ve asked me to.  Once upon a time in 3rd Grade a group of boys chased me all over the school grounds making fun of me because i was in a dress.  They wouldn’t stop.  I picked up a rock, one of them said “Throw it, go ahead and throw it!” and the other boys said the same and I did, it hit him on the cheekbone, he cried, it may sound like justice was served but NO, I wasn’t proud that I did that, I was shocked.  Got sent to the principal’s office but I was excused when the real story surfaced.  That was the only fight I ever had in school that was addressed by the principal.  Mom got angry and said I should have been punished not excused because I did not control my temper.

10. I’m a born-again Christian and my belief is to live Christ’s example more than preach it, but of course out of the mouth flows that which is in the heart so I shouldn’t just do, I should also obviously share and not be quiet.  I’ve made lots of people uncomfortable in the past, not on purpose, by just being myself, but it’s cool because I have peace.

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