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10 Things Every Mountain Biker Should Have Done – A Video by Filme Von Draussen

By Joanna Koh

A friend of mine shared this beautifully  made video with me on facebook, so I thought I’ll share this all with you here too!


#1: Build a bike. A possibly lengthy process, but in doing so you get to fully understand your bike, and how it works, inside and out. Perhaps I’ll upload a post on a bike build here soon!

#2: Ride at night. When your sense of sight is reduce, your other senses come alive.

#3: Ride in the snow. I’ve never done this before, how does it feel?

#4: Ride in another country. New terrain and climate. Lots to explore. One rule remains the same. Be nice on the trail, be nice to people.

#5: Sleep next to your bike. I don’t think living in such a small apartment counts because I practically sleep next to my bikes every night. But I would really love to camp out next to my bike one day.

#6: Explore a new trail. Always exciting. It’s never always a great trail, but to say, hey I’ve tried and found out, that’s what counts.

#7: Cross a mountain range. Wow, this I’ve never done. Near a mountain range, yes. To the top of a pass? Yes. But to cross one? That’ll take days. If you’re really into mountains and climbs, you have to check out Tour Of The Dragon, a race across four mountain passes in one day.

#8: Ride a race. I.. am afraid. But I’ll do it one day.

#9: Visit a bike park. My first visit to one was the Queenstown Bike Park. Riding a Downhill trail on a Crosscountry bike was wild, scary shit!!

#10: Ride to the sea. The sea and the mountain, together. Beautiful. Can I say more?

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