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10 Small Decisions That Can Affect Your Dream of Becoming a Top Wedding Planner

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

10 Small Decisions That Can Affect Your Dream of Becoming a Top Wedding Planner

You made a big decision to follow your dream and become a wedding planner. You decided to do it right and created an action plan outlining the things you are going to do to get the skills you need to be the best and the knowledge you need to successfully market your services to brides.

Now, are you making the right small decisions everyday to support your dream and your plans?  It’s often said that it’s the small decisions that we make each day that determine the direction of our lives.

So small things like deciding what you are going to do each day, and how you are going to do it, will impact how successful you are at realizing your dream.

Here are 10 decisions that you make each day that you might want to put more thought behind in order to reach your goal of becoming a top wedding planner:

1) When you return a phone call or email from a bride

If a bride is inquiring about your services, you might want to make it a point to get back to her within a few hours, or at least by the end of the day.

2) How much time you spend on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites

It’s  important to spend time marketing yourself on these sites but set limits or hours will pass by before you get to other work.

3) What time you leave for appointments

Decide to always be on time or early to make a good impression on everyone.

4) How well you listen

Make it a point to listen more that you speak. Brides love it when you show interest in who they are and what their wedding vision is.

5) How much you gossip

When you talk about others, others talk about you. And, stay clear of people who gossip, whine and complain, they cannot be supportive of you and your dreams.

6) What you do at the end of your working day

If you make a list of your “to do’s” before you stop work for the night, you can be focused and ready to go when you get back to your office in the morning.

7) How much time you spend watching television

This can can grab your attention for hours at a time without you realizing it. Even if your office is in your home, keep the television off while you work.

8 ) Which programs you watch on television

You want to be a self-confident wedding planner with a positive attitude, make sure the programs you watch support positive thoughts.

9) How much sleep you get

Being rested will help you stay calm and clear-headed so you make the right decisions.

10) How often you express gratitude

Interestingly, when you decide to be grateful for what you have today, you will have more and more reasons to be grateful in the future.

What small decisions will you make today that will get you closer to what you want?

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