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10 Reasons to Have a Quora Account

Posted on the 29 September 2013 by Geekybrains @sreekanth_br

  1. My Facebook feed is boring. Why waste a lot of time when you can read some answers from Quora !
  2. My Google search skills are not so good and I don't want to waste a lot of time in reading all the first 10 websites which are given in the first results page.
  3. On Quora you will see a lot silly questions which are not so easy to answer like "Insects: If you injure a bug, should you kill it or let it live and not die?" After seeing these kind of questions you will think of asking some hypothetical questions ! Wow ! you are giving some creative work to your brain.
  4. Quora has a good mobile app, So I have uninstalled my Facebook app and started using Quora instead of Facebook for passing my(useful) time.
  5. You can read or create a blog in Quora. I see that the Quora blogs are more intelligent(or shall I say written by ?) when compared to normal ones. Even if the content is not so great you will end up learning something from each post (like 18 Everyday Products You’ve Been Using Wrong by Cyndi Perlman Fink on Miss Cranky Pants)
  6. I love the concept of following a question( and checking some smart answers later !)
  7. The login with Facebook option is really cool (of course ! every website is using it nowadays). But it actually makes your friends follow you on Quora immediately when they create a Quora account using Facebook login.
  8. Not just questions and blog posts, Quora has reviews also.
  9. Quora has credit system(Quora Credits: What are Quora Credits?) ! This makes Quora spam free.
  10. You can meet really great people(Journalists and even scientists) on Quora and ask them a question :)
Thanks to Quora for giving some best web content to me :)

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