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10 Facts About Me

By Misspenelope90 @MissPenelope90
hi everyone,
so today i thought i would make this post a little more personal, and tell you 10 facts about me that you may not know. I love reading about facts on different bloggers and finding out abit more about them, so hopefully you do too, and hopefully like me abit more haha.
I also did a 20 random facts about me in february last year so, have a little read through that too, so here we go.
10 facts about me
  1. I know every word that hermione granger says in the first harry potter film, i love harry potter so much!
  2. I am part of the Tone it up team and have lost over 5 stone so far, and i try to workout out every morning, but generally 5-6 times a week.
  3. I have a indoor bunny rabbit called harry, you're not allowed to pick him up at all, but he will lie next to you for over half an hour so you can stroke him, he is a mixture between a cat and a dog, he does not act like a rabbit at all lol
  4. I work in retail and hate it. "there is such a thing as a stupid question"
  5. i can click my knuckles, i probably do it once or twice a day, most people cringe.
  6. I HATE feet, and toes, i mean what the hell are they, why are they so flat with a ridge and dont even get me started on how weird toes are. You can't touch my feet or i freak out.
  7. religion wise, i don't know what i believe, i believe in karma, but i can see all the different points of view from different religions, like jesus, and re-incarnation, and different gods for different things,and energy, and heaven and hell, and purgatory, i believe in something, im just not sure what yet.
  8. im on instragram constantly, i cant stop posting pictures, oh dear
  9. i started this blog in 2010 but after a year i completely stopped it as i couldn't find the inspiration to continue, i started it back up in 2012 and have been blogging ever since, so really my blog is 4 years old but ive only been blogging for 2 years.
  10. I am addicted to coffee, like really, like a smoker, i didn't realize how addictive it could be, i have to have at least one cup of coffee a day, i can easier have 4 or 5 cups in a day, i know its extremely bad for you, but i love the taste and the fact that it warms me up in the winter and cools me down in the summer, who else loves coffee?
10 facts about me
so there you go, my 10 random facts about me, i could probably have done more, if you would like any more please let me know, i like doing these kind of posts :D

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