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10 Best Engaging One Liners

Posted on the 10 May 2012 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting

Ask questions:

How do you feel about [insert] topic?

What is your advice about [topic]?

Last week my customers were surprised by my quality, how do you surprise yours?


Highlight recent events:

Recognize items in the news, share a viewpoint.

Highlight a customer’s success and how you helped.


General posting:

The Zen of [blah blah blah]

10 shortcuts for completing [insert task here] in record time

How to succeed in [insert topic here] fast



Photo Credit: Joey Gannon via Compfight


Promote with calls to action and urgency:

Our sale this week is huge, click [link] to buy NOW, before it ends.

Did you know we offer [services], our website has more information, go to [this link] NOW


Bonus one liners (sorry more than ten came out of my head):

We appreciate your post/comment/concern/question here is a coupon for your next visit

10 awesome reasons to get the best [widget, product] here [link to website]

Curious how they do it better? [insert website here]


How can I make social media better for YOU? Click Packages and Pricing NOW ~ wink ~


Yes there are masters of the headline. Look up John Carlton, Eugene Schwartz, Orsen Welles, Jon Morrow, and Frank Kern, just to name a few.  Read what they wrote, currently write, absorb and repeat.


Customers desire value, satisfaction and worth. Make customers think about you beyond the moment of reading your post.  Keep them up at night, you want to be needed.

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