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Bialas Farms CSA: Week 1

We’ve done it again! Against all odds, we decided to sign up for another year of CSA adventures, this year with Bialas Farms, which operates a farm in the black dirt region of the... Read more

Paperblog Pick in Food & Drink

Chelsie’s Summer Beer Favs 2014 Edition

So far, it’s been a really great summer here in Southern Pennsylvania. Lots of lounging by the pool, hanging with friends and family on the patio and stoking up the fire pit. Read more


  • Helping Our Teens Move Past a Failure Part 2

    Yesterday I was telling you about the goings on around our house lately and how we are helping our teen to move past a failure. Read more

    2 hours, 16 minutes ago by   Sharilynne
  • Vegetarian Tortilla Soup with Black Beans

    We have been making a lot of soups in our house lately. Mainly because: as a busy parent, they are such easy go-to-one-pot meals; soups are super easy for babie... Read more

    2 hours, 52 minutes ago by   Thepickyeater
  • My Pregnancy Journal: Week 17

    How far along? 17 weeks began Saturday, October 18th, 2014 How big is baby? My baby’s skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone, and the umbilical cord... Read more

    3 hours, 17 minutes ago by   Slowdownandsavor
  • Cheng Du Heaven (成都天府)

    Things are always changing in Flushing. Many of these changes are unwelcome ones, like the demise of Maple Snacks, the disappearance of Sichuan Dish, and the... Read more

    3 hours, 55 minutes ago by   Mahlzeit
  • The Honours at Malmaison Menus

    Here is a look at the menus for the new Martin Wishart restaurant, The Honours, located within Malmaison. A la carte menu Sunday Menu Festive Menu looking... Read more

    4 hours, 5 minutes ago by   Emma
  • Norman Kid’s Magazine – Is Your Picture in It?

    ***While I feel bad about posting all this without proper credit – it was done in an effort to help bloggers find their own pictures and if they want to pursue... Read more

    5 hours, 44 minutes ago by   Kalamitykelli
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake

    Ingredients:Base 40g digestive cookies, crush finely50g oreo cookies, crush finely 50g melted butter *Mix crushed digestive & oreo cookies with butter... Read more

    5 hours, 46 minutes ago by   Cathysjoy
  • Spicy Garbanzo Beans Cucumbers Red Onions & Grapes

    Salads can get boring unless you open your mind’s eye to the possibilities beyond the regulars~~you know…tomatoes, lettuce. I love a salad that’s a meal, too. Read more

    6 hours, 24 minutes ago by   Ally
  • Baked Mathri...Three Pepper Sisters!!!

    Baked Mathri or Baked Salted Crackers if you please…typically deep fried, I converted Mom’s regular mathri recipe to a baked one as I didn’t want to make the... Read more

    6 hours, 36 minutes ago by   Mmskitchenbites
  • Annabelle 3 Month Update

    Happy Friday!TGIF for sure! I am looking forward to a fun and relaxing weekend celebrating E's birthday! This is one of our few weekends without a football... Read more

    6 hours, 38 minutes ago by   Laurenegeorge