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A few months ago, I checked my Klout account. I actually have forgotten that I signed up there and I was so surprised to see that I got klout scores? Honestly, until now, I’m... Read more


  • …Walk It Off

    Congratulations, everyone! You’ve made it through another Monday.This Monday, I’d like to give a special shout out to the weekend warriors.  You know who you... Read more

    1 hour, 38 minutes ago by   Zer
  • 10 Inspiring Quotes You Don't Need

    "If you've got your feet in a uni-slipper, concentrate on being comfy instead of wearing yourself out jumping upstairs."I don't know if you've noticed or not,... Read more

    3 hours, 9 minutes ago by   Ellenarnison
  • OTP Coffee Shops!

    By Michelle Knapp – Scoop OTP Co-Creator We love discovering independent coffee shops! Again, I like to clarify that we go to Starbucks pretty frequently, but... Read more

    3 hours, 12 minutes ago by   Dltmontana
  • Oregano Oil

    I've been getting over a cold, and it was suggested I try oregano oil to help hasten the end of the bug. It's REALLY intense, even for this part-Italian girl. I... Read more

    The 20 October 2014 by   Xoxoxoe
  • Asia Travel Post #1 – Transport

    All modes of transport covered on my trip We flew with Cathay Pacific. This was my first long-haul flight in my ‘adult life’ haha (around 12 hours). The outboun... Read more

    The 20 October 2014 by   Larlarcharms
  • Void Watches: Simple Elegant Men’s Watches

    We’ve written a lot about Men’s watches and also features several of what we believe to be the best watches for Men. Here we have found another amazing company... Read more

    The 20 October 2014 by   Dudepins
  • Coming to Think of Why We Might Document Certain Things We Do That Could and...

    As I have done for several cigars and pipes in the past 3 years, today I suddenly took out my iPhone to document the smoking of a pipe I just acquired, while... Read more

    The 20 October 2014 by   Smokeandminds
  • 40 Logos & What They Actually Mean

    We see logos all the time but many of us don’t likely know what they mean, i.e. what their secret meaning is. Here’s a list of a large set of the most popular... Read more

    The 20 October 2014 by   Dudepins
  • What Happens When We Choose to Step Into Our Darkness?

    It's funny - not in the ha-ha way - how darkness so easily ignites insecurity, fear, and the desire to turn away from where my heart wants to go. At least that'... Read more

    The 20 October 2014 by   Juliejordanscott
  • Passion and Awesome

    One of the most used words these days is "passion". The Webster dictionary offer these choices:- any compelling emotion- strong amorous feeling- a strong... Read more

    The 20 October 2014 by   Myfilmproject09