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The ACTUAL 10 Sexiest Men in Music

Guys. GUYS.I just read a list of the “sexiest men in music” and I fucking kid you not, Harry Styles, Adam Lambert, Drake, and JUSTIN FUCKING BIEBER were on the list.... Read more

Paperblog Pick in Self Expression

Trapped at My Desk: A Defiant Elegy

“That’s part of what I like about the book in some ways. It portrays death truthfully. You die in the middle of your life, in the middle of a sentence. Read more


  • 13 Months

    I'm about ten days late taking and posting these, but that's ok because I said so! I've been busy.Mayhem is a little obsessed with belly buttons. His, mine,... Read more

    1 hour, 23 minutes ago by   Eatingcrowpie
  • A Walk in the Dark !

    She was still breathing, but the soul was lost, Tossed carelessly on junk-cluttered sidewalks, drugged and dead, unconscious,Of the world around her,now whateve... Read more

    2 hours, 26 minutes ago by   Ankuranand
  • Because. Comments Closed.

    A belated contribution to her project: Because all people are beautiful. Because being dark brown doesn’t stop me from wearing red lipstick, and because it... Read more

    The 16 April 2014 by   Rara Saur
  • Have an Eggcellent Easter with Sainsbury’s

    If you’re looking for somewhere that has all of the Easter goodies under one roof a trip to your local Sainsbury’s is in store. Read more

    The 16 April 2014 by   Lindyloves
  • (N)avel Gazing… with Your Help

    Recently, I signed up for WordPress’s Blogging University. For you– my best beloved reader– this means you’ll be bearing witness to much navel gazing as I dust... Read more

    The 16 April 2014 by   Rara Saur
  • She’s A Doll

    This doll, that has never been named and probably deserves one, is from my childhood. I feel as if she’s always been around. I could never let go of her. Read more

    The 16 April 2014 by   Stephsscribe
  • A Grown-Up Job

    $13/hr. One week vacation the first year. Overtime expected. Looking for a go-getter with a can-do attitude, 5+ years of experience. Send us resume and cover... Read more

    The 16 April 2014 by   Singingfool
  • 5 Bachelor Pad Essentials

    So you’ve got a bachelor pad do you…Well, it’s important to ensure that you’ve got all the right fixings for that Manly pad of yours. Below you’ll find, what ar... Read more

    The 16 April 2014 by   Dudepins
  • Show & Tell: Hop to It

    Hi Lovely People,Yay for a long weekend! What are your plans?A week or so a go a friend and I caught up and got stuck into some Easter craft.These cute little... Read more

    The 16 April 2014 by   Leonied
  • The Manny Diaries, Part Nine: Conspiracy Theories

    Perseverate: To repeat something insistently or redundantly; to repeat a response after the cessation of the original stimulus. Read more

    The 16 April 2014 by   Jennyphresh


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