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16 Reasons Why Having Sex Is Good For Your Health

0 Stressed, burdened with life’s difficult problems and fear that your health is declining? Then sex is the answer to happiness, longevity and a healthy body. You don’t agree? Read more


  • Traffic Updates

    Young ladies are being grabbed off bus stops and forced into prostitution…and it’s happening in our own back yard. - Sharee Sanders GordonActing and Activism... Read more

    The 28 July 2014 by   Maggiemcneill
  • CryoTest Reviews: Is It An Effective Testosterone Booster By Muscletech?

    What Is Cryotest?The CryoTest is considered to be one of the best testosterone supplements ever created in the field of muscle building. Read more

    The 28 July 2014 by   Randycrews987
  • Restoring My Relationship to Music with Thanks to Keith Richards

    On vacation I finally had time to update my music using itune’s Genius recommendations. I stayed up really late because I was having such a good time discoverin... Read more

    The 27 July 2014 by   Rhodainpittsburgh
  • That Was the Week That Was (#430)

    Sex work is part of the human story. Accepting and embracing sex work…should be our humane, as well as our pragmatic, approach to the reality of our human lives. Read more

    The 26 July 2014 by   Maggiemcneill
  • Nice While It Lasted

    This essay first appeared in Cliterati on June 15th; I have modified it slightly to fit the format of this blog.During the reign of the Emperor Julian a man... Read more

    The 25 July 2014 by   Maggiemcneill
  • Family Curse

    Histories are more full of examples of the fidelity of dogs than of friends. - Alexander PopeIn January of 2003, soon after I had bought my country property, a... Read more

    The 24 July 2014 by   Maggiemcneill
  • Like a Courtesan

    I have naturally good looks and skin, but I strongly think I need to refine them for my husband. In my country we don’t have as much variety of expensive... Read more

    The 23 July 2014 by   Maggiemcneill
  • Bisexuality Interview on Biscuit Magazine

    I did an interview with Biscuit magazine this week about bisexuality:“There is a vicious cycle of bi invisibility”: An interview with Meg BarkerMeg Barker is a... Read more

    The 23 July 2014 by   Megbarker
  • Magdalene’s Day

    There were three who always walked with the Lord: Mary, his mother, and her sister, and Magdalene, the one who was called his companion. His sister and his... Read more

    The 22 July 2014 by   Maggiemcneill
  • Where I Come From

    1. mother of northern lights magic beacons that dance across the sky. me, four years old, eight years old, nine ten eleven, fourteen and bleary and in the middl... Read more

    The 21 July 2014 by   Mrsexsmith