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Human Brain Evolution Uniquely Bloodthirsty Paperblog Pick in Science

Human Brain Evolution Was Uniquely Bloodthirsty

The human brain is spectacular. It's absolutely massive. But beyond that size, is there anything special about brain evolution in our family? A growing body of evidence suggests... Read more

Phobos Paperblog Pick in Science


Yes, the weekly theme is phobias, but I'm giving you the slightly unpredictive text version: i.e. Phobos. It's not another (bloody) Greek island, but the innermost moon of Mars (th... Read more


  • Appeals for Peace in Croatia

    Appeals Peace Croatia

    The New York Times appeal of January 14, 1992.[Pauling and Yugoslavia, Part 2 of 2]Three years after Linus Pauling’s 1988 visit to Yugoslavia, tensions in the... Read more

    The 25 October 2016 by   Scarc

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