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Zucchini Linguini

By Yonni @vegandthecity
Last night my husband and I went out with 3 other couples for dinner.  We were all interconnected and yet none of us knew more than one or two other couples well.  What was the way to surely unite us?  A night out at Mateo's in Bellmore on Long Island's south shore.
I had never been before - I hadn't even heard of it before - but my friends swore it was worth the long drive (and we knew the company would be worth the trip!)
First we pulled up to valet the car, and one of the woman ran inside.  Thankfully, she's so well known there, that we snagged a table for 8 as crowds of people waited at the bar for their awesome is that?
This family-style Italian haunt had an enormous menu, and was so vegan friendly!  We were greeted by a big plate of fresh, garlicky bruschetta which, to my surprise, had no cheese!  I was happy to indulge.  Then one of the appetizers we ordered was a perfectly dressed chopped salad with tons of vegetables and olives (for which they put all the non-vegan add-ins on the side, thank you very much.)

For dinner, amidst the chicken parm and penne alla vodka and shrimp everyone else enjoyed, were delicious (intentionally) burnt string beans which received raves all around...tossed with salt and olive oil and just cooked and cooked...and my gorgeous bowl of zucchini linguini!  Picture 1/8 inch wide strips of zucchini, gently cooked 'til tender and then tossed in a little oil, salt and roasted garlic.  Then, on the side, enjoy your choice of either pomodoro or marinara sauce.  I attached a picture but it doesn't do it justice.  After we finished, we were given a very pretty and plentiful fruit plate but I had no room...I appreciated it being there though!
If you have occasion to be on "the Island", I recommend you grab some friends and go...we'll be back...and maybe we'll have just as much luck with a table as we had this time!  Oh, and make sure your company is great...we laughed and caught up and that always makes the food taste even better!

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