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Zooming Away . . .

By Vickilane

 Zooming Away . . .

Every semester Great Smokies Writing Program does an event called Writers at Home with readings by current faculty members at Asheville's wonderful bookstore Malaprop's. Unfazed by the pandemic, this Sunday at 3 (Eastern Time,) the event will be held by Zoom. 

If you're interesting in hearing the readings, follow this link 

 I, of course, will read a bit from the forthcoming And the Crows Took Their Eyes.

You sign up (it's free) and Malaprop's sends you an invitation with a link to join the event. (I don't know if it will be recorded or not.)

Getting familiar with this Zoom thing. My critique class is going quite well--it helps that they are all amazing writers and excellent critiquers--and I think there is almost as much personal connection and spontaneity as in regular classes.

(Though I must admit to a bit of a problem last night when my internet went wonky and appeared to be mired in molasses. I ended up phoning in and participating by audio only. I think I've spotted the problem now.)

Zooming Away . . .

I hope I have as I'll be doing more Zooming 0n October 16 with my book launch--also via Malaprop's. And I'm hoping to do a Zoom event through our county library after local folks have had a chance to read the book. I'll be looking for some discussion.

I even got an invitation to speak at our local Rotary Club via Zoom. Since the meeting's at 7:30 am, I'm especially happy not to have to travel any farther than upstairs to my workroom   er, studio. (Note my adjustable desk and quaint sound baffling techniques.)

Zooming Away . . .

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