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Zoella Beauty Christmas Range 2016 | Review

By Princessonfilm @Princessonfilm
Zoella Beauty Christmas Range 2016  | Review
Zoella Beauty Christmas Range 2016  | Review
Zoella Beauty Christmas Range 2016  | Review
I cannot believe that Christmas is just around the corner and i was looking though YouTube one day and i saw a new video from Zoella and showing her brand new Christmas collection for 2016, I was kinda thinking why is she releasing it in September? I believe that she was realising her Christmas range early as there is always a high demand for it and everyone wants it from around the uk. I was very disappointed that last year i was unable to get everything from the 2015 Christmas range only the shimmer dust and puff and the awesome drawsome bathing collection and the box broke in the end! I searched all over online for the rest of the items that i needed and the most expensive was the lip balm duo witch cost me over £19.00 from Amazon and i was glad that i got them in the end as they smell divine.
Every couple of months Zoella always surprises us with something new and this year saw her bring out her Zoella Lifestyle range with stationary candles and a lot more to add to the Christmas collection for this year,  I watched Zoe's new video for her Christmas range and said to myself that i want all of this and i am gonna get it now or later because i know that everything will sell out and i am left with nothing witch was something that i wouldn't want.
My mom said to me that i have way to much stuff from Zoella Beauty and i explained to her that this one of my favorite collections in the world since Zoe launched it in 2014, My mom had a smell of the original scent and she said now i know why you like it so much and even my auntie had a smell of the scent and fell in love with it straight away and now i know why Zoella beauty sells out all the time because its a classic scent.
I have got everything from the Christmas collection and i just need two more and thats the best friends pouches and the bake my day and ginger cream set and the few bits from the lifestyle range and thats my Christmas presents completed, I made my first order for my stuff when i saw Tanya burr's Christmas range and the other things i wanted at the time was out of stock and i was just waiting for them to come back into stock so i could place my order. I was super excited to try the new ginger bread scent and as Zoe says it smells amazing and i wanted my hands on the hand creme so badly as i knew that this hand creme wasn't gonna disappoint me at all.
When i had my package delivered the first thing that i wanted to try was the hand creme (Hungry hands) and when i applied it to my hands i smelt the scent and i fell in love with it straight away and i loved it so much that it felt like i was eating a gingerbread man as it was so good! I had the just crackers that that contained some of the gingerbread shower glaze and hand creme and i started using that the other day and i love it and i am so happy that i have a lot more because it is one of my favourites to shower in now and i hope that Zoe will make this a permeant item on her range of products because it smells lush.
I have also fallen in love with the Pamper hamper because it was super ideal to store my other Zoella products in and also what came with it inside and i have now placed all of my items inside this little hamper, It was one of the most expensive on the list but at the end of the day it is worth the £50.00 as like with Awesome Drawsome it was the same price and you get exclusive goodies inside and this one had a bake my day cosmetic pouch gingerbread bath salts and a bath fizzier and more of the amazing Shower glaze and ginger creme so i have stocked up with plenty of it now that would last me thought to next year!! The bath fizzes are the most adorable things that i have ever seen and they are shaped as gingerbread men and i am hoping to keep them because they are to nice to throw in your bath and they smell amazing,
Spar in a jar is also one of my favourites as you get a free storage container and a Zoella flannel witch i needed one anyway and a travel size Shower glaze and ginger creme and i just loved it when Zoe showed it in her video and the lip balm duo well theres no words on how to describe it.. Beautiful smells wonderful and very pretty packaging.
I went over my budget on my Christmas presents this year from Zoella beauty but i am happy with everything and i am now need two more items from the classic collection and then i have everything from the collections,
This is one of the best range of products from Zoella ever especially with the new gingerbread scent
Zoella Beauty Christmas Range 2016 Price List..Mist & Body Lotion Cream Set -  £11 Pamper Hamper - £50 Secret Scenta Mini Mist Set - £16 Hungry Hands Hand Cream - £6 Just Crackers - £11Gift Bag - £2 Spa In A Jar £11We 3 Beauties Cosmetic Bag Trio - £19 Best Chums (Coin Purse Set) - £13 Deck the Baubles (Shower Gel Bauble) - £6Ginger Fizz (Bath Fizz Set) - £9 Let's Go Places Gift Set - £26Lip Balm Duo - £7

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  You can watch Zoella's video revealing her new line of Christmas products for 2016
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