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The Day When I Broke My Left Wrist

By Princessonfilm @Princessonfilm
The Day When I Broke My Left Wrist
When you brake any kinda bone in your body you think it's the end of the world and you have to live in a cast for a number of weeks and experience the worse pain in the world and relying on other people to help you with your daily routine, I have never ever broke any bone in my body so i cannot really describe the pain and the difficulties that is involved with it. I have read and seen YouTube videos all about broken arms and legs and i also have read people's experiences with a broken arm / wrist and it was something that i didn't wanna go though for a broken arm until...
On a late Wednesday night on 26th April around about 11.55pm i was getting myself ready for bed and i had changed into my pajamas and starting to take my teddies and pillows off my bed, Anyways i went downstairs to check the front door if it was locked (as i have a phobia of this) and seeing my dog Star was ok and to give her a hug before i went to bed! As i was walking back towards my bedroom my mom had asked me to turn the heating off on the wall as my (memory isn't like how it used to be) and then i stepped backwards 2 steps and i missed the 1st step and i went flying of the stairs and smacked my head into the front door, As i fell my mom had Hurd a massive crack from my wrist and then came to see if i was Ok and then Crobsy (my other dog came barking at me) and i said to my mom that i cannot move as i was in shock and then i said to myself that my left wrist is defiantly broken, As i was lying on the floor my left wrist was in a lot of pain and it due me into tears and i couldn't move it at all my mom had thought that i had done something to it as she looked at both of my wrist and the left one wasn't right at all. My step dad at the time was in bed and i had to go and wake him up to take me to A&E as the pain in my wrist was getting really bad and i needed urgent medical treatment as i was in tears. My step dad had a go at me saying that my wrist isn't broken and i said it is and i need to go to the Hospital right now! Of course my mom also explained to my step dad that she had seen my arm and also Hurd that awful crack of the bone!
Anyway's my step dad got up out of bed and decided that he would take me down to A&E to see someone and all i had on was my Pyjamas and a nightgown witched my mom helped me To get on due to my wrist being broke and my trainers as i couldn't get dressed in time as the pain i was in was terrible, As my step dad drove me down to the hospital as fast as he could as the pain was way to much to handle and i wanted gas and air because it was that painful and i was trying to talk to my step dad to try and take some of the pain away. We arrived at A&E around 11.35 pm and my step dad dropped me off at the front door while he could try and find somewhere to park and i went into to reception and told the staff what had happened, Around 12.00am i was seen by a nurse and i had to explained everything to them what had happed and they took a few details off me about my medical history and other details. As i was in a lot of pain they deiced to give me some painkillers and then gave me a paper arm sling to rest my arm in until i was ready to be seen by a doctor. As i came from the nurse, As the time passed so slowly we had been waiting a very long time so i decided to go to the reception and asked when i am due to be seen as i was in a lot of pain and needed medical treatment kinda urgently, I was allowed to go though to the nurses station and ask when i am due to be seen and i was told that there are 3 more before you and i thought To myself great! they also asked me if i had a x-ray done yet and i replied no! they also gave me more painkillers and (basically to keep me quite i believe)
By 2.01 am i was then called in to be seen by a doctor and i had a wonderful doctor who asked me what had happened and also took some previous medical history from me and basically done there normal routine of checking my wrist, I asked them if i had broken it and they couldn't tell because i needed a X-ray done to double check what had happened to my wrist. When the X-ray was being done i was in a lot of pain when i had to place it straight down and it was the most painful X- ray that i had ever had done and the staff looked after me and explained everything to me every step of the way while i was having a X-ray done and it was over in a few minutes and i was glad, I went back round to the department where i was being treated and i had told my doctor that the scans should be though in a second and then i had to wait for the results...
When i was called up again by the doctor she had told me that i had broken my wrist in one place and i would need a plaster on for 6 weeks and (i said to myself i thought so) and the doctor was very friendly and explained everything to me every step of the way about getting a plaster and a cast on for the every first time, The doctor had left me with a nurse to do my plaster and the feeling of getting a plaster on for the first time is very pleasant and a lovely warm feeling and i just sat there for about 10 minutes while she put my cast on. We left the A&E department around about 3.15 am and arrived home at 3.27am to tell my mom what had happened and now i am in a cast for 6 weeks and my mom knew that i had broken something but she didn't know what it was, As i was extremely tried i went to bed at 3.30 am to only get 5 hours of sleep to get back up again at 7.10 am as i was in a lot of pain and i just couldn't get back to sleep. 
I managed to get back to sleep finally at 7.15 am to have a few hours of rest to get up at 11.10 am and it was a very hard night with me being in a cast, When i wanted to take a shower i had to ask my mom to try and find something that was suitable to keep my cast dry as it cannot get wet and my mom deiced to get a bin bag for me to take a shower as i needed one quiet badly. Also while i was getting ready my mom had contacted the doctors for me for some painkillers as i wasn't given any at A&E and it was a very hectic 24 hours and i was extremely tired and i wanted my sleep but it was so hard to get a nice rest while you're in a huge cast and it was horrible. As the week was finally ended i was able to get a waterproof cast proctor from my local chemist who kindly sorted it out for me and got it on prescription for me as they are very expensive products but so well worth it for what they are!
LIMBO WATERPROOF COVERSThe waterproof cast covers are amazing for people who are in casts for anything from broken arms / legs and they provide all different sizes for adults and children to fit your needs, I have never Hurd of Limbo before until i had received my waterproof cast from my chemist and i was a little bit worried about using it for the very first time with a broken wrist. I had no issues what so ever taking a shower with the protective cover on my cast and it worked like a charm and it was also very easy to take off is well. I have now bought the full length arm version witch is even better for me as the one that i had was only half a arm but it still works even way but i needed to put something in the bottom hole to stop water from going in. I am very please with this company and also what it has to offer i would highly recommend there services and products to anyone with a broken arm or leg.
I am currently in my temporary cast until the 7th May when i go and see a doctor who will properly take a X-ray to see how my bone is and also put a proper cast on me with a new bandage witch hopefully will be in pink, Since i have had this broken wrist no one in my family has even offered to help me out with things only my mom and i am complete disgusted the way my best friend hasn't wished me well on my recovery and  its so horrible to be treated like that knowing that you're not well, I just feel like i have been abused at and no one is taking no notice of me while i am stuck in a cast and in chronic pain. I have kinda adapted quite good being in a cast for almost 2 weeks now and i must say that it hasn't been easy for me but you just have to get on with it and do what you can and thats what i have been doing ever since my accident happened. Things has been very easy for me now like dressing myself and taking my shower every morning (well with one hand though) and i no longer need help from my mom its something that i have adapted to and it will be much more easier for me as the days goes on.
I am looking forward to be getting this cast off in the 1st of week of June hopefully.You can follow my updates though Facebook & Twitter.

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