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Britney Spears Curious - The Collection

By Princessonfilm @Princessonfilm
Britney Spears Curious - The CollectionI have been a massive fan of Britney Spears from a early age and i was so excited when she was gonna released her very first Fragrance in 2004 call Curious, I was only 15 when this new amazing new fragrance went on sale and this was my very first item of perfume that i ever owned from my huge collection that i have today, Britney had put a lot of hard work into her new fragrance and how she designed everything from the bottle to the body lotion and shower gel's. I was very excited to try it for the first time when it finally came to the uk in the same year, I can remember having a sample of the fragrance when i saw it in Debenhams and when i smelt it i was total speechless and i knew that i would want some straight away as it smelt so good and the bottle was stunning. I originally had the 100ml Atomiser version that was a pump witch was super easy to use and spray but sadly i believe that they have stopped making them. In the next couple of months i started to get the extras from the collection like shower gel's and the shimmer stick and also i had received one of the first gifts sets that also contained the amazingLather me up Shower gel , You're so smooth Body Polish and the amazing Deliciously whipped body soufflé and with a 50ml version of the perfume witch lasted me quite a while as i had two of them on my shelf witch i was so happy about.Curious has that scent of white floral scent and has notes are Louisiana magnolia, golden Anjou pear, lotus flower, tuberose, star jasmine, pink cyclamen, vanilla-infused musk, sandalwood and blonde woods, And Elizabeth Arden put a special vanilla infused musk in it and added Louisiana magnolia. Spears said that the magnolia reminds her of home. As this was Britney's very first fragrance Curious was released in September 2004, and was very successful internationally. It was the number one fragrance of 2004 in department stores, and in 2005, "Curious" was honored by the Fragrance Foundation as Best Women's Fragrance.Britney made a Advert for the perfume he TV advertisement for Curious, "Hotel Rooms," was conceived at agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and directed by Dave Meyers through production company set was built on a stage instead of in an actual hotel. ActorEric Winter plays Spears' love interest in the TV commercial. It starts off with Winter and Spears noticing each other before they go in their neighbouring  hotel rooms. Then, they are shown thinking about each other with Spears walking towards the door to Winter's hotel room. Then, fantasies of Spears and the latter having sex are shown mixed with things like a cartoon, a flower and a rodeo. It ends with Spears gazing at the camera!Britney had also released some other products that was sold individually for her Curious campaign and this included ....
  • "Deliciously Whipped!" 200 mL Body Soufflé
  • "Lather Me Up!" 200 mL Shower Gel
  • "You're So Smooth!" 200 ML Body Polish
  • "Totally Ticklish!" 20 g Body Shimmer
  • "Write On!" 14 g Perfumed Shimmer Stick
  • "Two Tempting!" 5 mL Fragrance Roller Ball and Lip Gloss Duo
  • 8ml Lip Gloss (tube format, available with gift set editions)

Britney also released some beautiful bags within the campaign and some of sets contained a 30ml of perfume and a tube of lip gloss, i received this bag for Christmas the same year and i loved the fabric and the lip gloss smelt lush! i don't know what ever happened to the bag as it was one of my favourites from the whole collection.
Britney Spears Curious - The Collection
When my auntie first had her first sample of the new fragrance witch i found in a Magazine and i asked her to have a sniff of this new fragrance she loved it straight away and my auntie is kinda picky when it comes to fragrances and perfumes and she doesn't like anything that is to sweet and has a strong smell to it, My auntie had a sniff of this fragrance and she loved it straight away and she asked me who is it made by? I told her Britney spears the singer and at the time my auntie didn't know who she was at the time when the fragrance launched in the UK. A couple of months later my auntie went out and got herself some of the fragrance in a 100ml bottle with the Atomiser and charm that used to be on the bottles and then she received a gift set for Christmas one year that also contained the amazing Deliciously whipped Soufflé and the 30ml version of the perfume, The perfume did last my auntie a very long time and also the Deliciously whipped Soufflé witch she still has to this day and it just shows that Britney does make some of the best perfumes and body lotions in the world with her amazing sets. I sometimes find it very difficult to find some of the products from the Curious line in brand new condition (ie in there original boxes) because some of the products are no longer to buy anymore and some people on eBay will expect you to pay more because its a rare and collectable item. I have been kinda luckily that i haven't paid a lot for my items from eBay and some has been under £5 -£6 witch has been very good as i was expecting to pay a lot more, another thing that i have spotted that there aren't a lot of Curious products available in my local town any more only things are available is the 50 & 100ml bottles and the fragrance mist witch is around about £10! and the only place to find these items is and expect to pay a lot more then what you would pay in store for the items as they are now rare and unavailable. 

I have been collecting and loving Britney's fragrances since the first one in 2004 with Curious and she has released a load more since that one including......

2004 : Curious2005Fantasy2006Curious: In Control / Midnight Fantasy2007 : Believe2008Curious Heart2009Hidden Fantasy / Circus Fantasy2010 : Radiance2011Cosmic Radiance2012 : Fantasy Twist2013 Island Fantasy / Fantasy: Anniversary Edition2014 : Fantasy: The Nice Remix / Fantasy: The Naughty Remix / Fantasy: Stage Edition / Rocker Femme Fantasy
2015 : Fantasy Intimate Edition2016Maui Fantasy / Private Show 2017 : Fantasy In Bloom / VIP Private Show2018  : Sunset Fantasy
There has been a few perfumes that i haven't been able to add to my growing collection and that one was the Curious heart witch was in a pink bottle like the Curious one but the sellers on eBay was asking a lot more for it because its now a rare piece of memorabilia and i will do my very best to try and collect one as soon as i can find my hands on one as i do like the color of that bottle, I have also bought the curious in control that is the black version from eBay and that wasn't to hard to find and i only paid about £15 for that and i was expecting to pay double because that is kinda hard to find also i will continue collecting Britney's fragrances for a lot longer yet!
My Britney perfume collection contains of .....
  • Curious 100ml
  • Fantasy 100ml
  • Midnight Fantasy 100ml 
  • Circus Fantasy 100ml
  • Curious In Control 100ml
  • Rocker Femme Fantasy 100ml
  • Hidden Fantasy 100ml
  • Fantasy In Bloom 100ml
  • Maui Fantasy 100ml
  • Island Fantasy 50ml
  • Fantasy Intimate Edition 50ml
  • Fantasy Stage Edition 50ml
  • Private Show 50ml
  • V.I.P Private Show 50ml
And here are the other products that i was able to find on eBay for under a few quid each.....Britney Spears Curious - The CollectionBritney Spears Curious - The CollectionBritney Spears Curious - The CollectionBritney Spears Curious - The CollectionBritney Spears Curious - The CollectionBritney's fragrances and gift sets are one of the best on the market and i will never ever stop using / loving everything that Britney comes out with. Her scents are absolutely amazing and easily affordable as well as you can now pick up a 100ml for under £20 from some fragrance shops and eBay offer some amazing discounts on some of the perfumes arranging from £12 - £20 it all depends on what fragrance that you want really. Britney's fragrances are available from all good fragrance shops around the UK and online.

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