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Yummy Andhra Style Food in Bangalore That Will Make You Drool.

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2019 is nearly ending and if you haven’t tried what we think is the best thing to ever be created, then, you’re missing out on one thing epic.

Yeah we’re talking about the Andhra style best Biryani in Bangalore. Mostly Andhra cuisines are spicy, hot, and tasty, it attract foodies from all across the globe.

Nandhana Palace, The best Restaurant in Bangalore offers the authentic taste of Andhra style food, the aroma from this spot are often caught a few miles away.

Yummy Andhra Style Food in Bangalore that will make you drool.
It additionally earns a place within the heart of foodies for its flavourous curries. It’s a popular destination for family diners with clean atmosphere and ample seating arrangement. Affordable pricing and fulfilling portions make it a precise winner.

What’s so Special with Andhra Style Dining?

Moving on to the starters, the Carrot 65 and Pudina Baby corn got high marks from everybody, it is a bit more than the same old paneer starter for Vegetarians which makes Nandhana to stand out of other Andhra restaurants. Coming to the meaty side of things, our picks would be the Sholay Kebab, Kalmi Kebab, Bamboo Chicken, Andhra Thali Chicken, Kshatriya Chicken Kebab, Mushroom Pepper Fry and Bamboo-cooked dishes sounds to be trending.

For the best Meals in Bangalore head to the current legendary place Nandhana Palace, Once You’re within the restaurant and seated, a leaf is placed on the table in front of you and shortly the staff will come plonk on your plate a bunch of condiments that has podi or chutney, pickle and a raita made with cucumber, onion and yogurt. Hot steamed rice is then ladled on your plantain/plate on which pappu or dal is poured.

Dollops of ghee are added to the mountain of food and you’re free to dig in. Generous helpings of mixed vegetables, sambar, rasam and curd are also placed beside your leaf, with some crispy papad.

Eating an unlimited Nandhana’s thali for lunch during a work day could be a crime, what with you feeling like curling up with a cushion and taking a rather long snooze. But it is so good that we are always ready to commit this crime once more.

Heard about Biryani Thali?

It’s a well-established and undeniable fact that biryani is bae. But it’s perpetually problematic once it comes to ordering. Why? Because usually we want to eat it all. Imagine the utter joy when we found out that Nandhana Palace is dishing out Biryani Thali! Yup.

Forget veggies and dal, this Thali comes with 5 types of biryani — Nellore Mutton Biryani, Supreme Chicken Biryani, Hyderabad Chicken Biryani, Veg Biryani and Nati Kodi Biryani. It’s sort of a dream on platter. We don’t tend to fathom you, but it feels like we’ll be laying off the Andhra meals for a bit and start focusing all our energy on this thali.

From staring at the gorgeous golden rice grains, to transcending into a royal world because of the striking flavors and aroma, to swallowing that 1st portion of rice and tender meat items, solely a biryani lover will perceive the state of mind once being treated with this delicacy.

What happens once you put your heart and soul in perfecting dishes and delighting customers over decades? You become LEGENDARY, This statement befits Nandhana Palace.

Over the years, we have become Best Andhra Restaurant in Bangalore and our immense popularity has led us to start off many shops around the city.

Stop by any of the outlet and order up plates of our aromatic biryani, Infused with flavor, for a mouthful of pleasure in each bite!

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