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Enjoy Your Lunch/dinner at the Best Andhra Style Restaurants in Bangalore

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Andhra Pradesh tradition is unknown to many people, there are a lot of fascinating things available to hear from Andhra History. Andhra Pradesh is one of the most famous South Indian states, attracting a large number of visitors each year.

The art and culture of the State portrays a beautiful mixture of royal heritage and culture of Nizam. Andhra cuisine is the major reason to attract the visitors. Andhra food in Bangalore is the first tourist thing to note in their diaries. Andhra Pradesh food is known for its sweet, delicious flavor.

Enjoy your lunch/dinner at the best andhra style restaurants in Bangalore

Andhra Pradesh Cuisine Culture

Andhra Pradesh cuisine, inspired by Mughal cuisine, is filled with spices and can be a little too spicy to handle for those who don’t like spicy foods. Foodies will visit and explore the enticing side of the heritage and culture of Andhra Pradesh. Andhra style food in Bangalore is the heavenly place for the foodies.

Andhra Pradesh took the glory, when there was a competition about how to cook the hot and spiciest foods. In these states, red chili is used in excess to make it a hot favorite among the locals. Take a bite of any original Telugu dish and after the very first taste, you are sure to be a fan of that dish.

Andhra’s Major Foods

Andhra Pradesh’s main food item is rice and it is usually followed by sambar or any other gravy and vegetable varieties.  Andhra meal is incomplete without mouth-watering cuisines, pickles, papadams and chutney.

Enjoy your lunch/dinner at the best andhra style restaurants in Bangalore

Andhra Biryani is the most special dish in Andhra. Combining ingredients with meat is delicious and it is mixed with rice and served as a super-hot to stand in their own taste.

Nandhana Palace favorite dishes

Nandhana Palace aims to provide the traditional Andhra style foods without reducing the point of the original taste. Nandhana is available to deliver the orders to your doors when you Order Andhra food online.

Foodies order your favorite food in Nandhana to complete your daily goals of Andhra food eating. Some of the popular Nandhana Palace dishes to try include baby corn fried, bhendi, amaravathy chicken fry, bamboo chicken, Guntur chicken dry, Mutton Nalli Roast, Chicken Kshatriya, Andhra Chicken Kebab, Chicken sholay kebab, Kothimeera paneer curry, Vegetable keema masala, Murgh tikka masala, Nati chicken curry and finally hyderabad and Nellore biryani.

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