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Your Worst Workout Is Better Than No Workout

Posted on the 14 August 2013 by Dave Nevue

Your Worst Workout Is Better Than No Workout

Most people start an exercise program wishing to lose weight. When people start a program they tend to set unrealistic goals. As time goes by and they are not hitting their expectations they end up quitting of beating themselves up mentally. They will start to say if I had a better workout I would….. I don’t understand I ate healthy last night…… If I started exercising at a younger age…..

There will be days you are excited to exercise. Yes this is true. You will be motivated and have energy to conquer any workout handed to you. Other days (most) you will find it a challenge to step in the gym. Energy levels might be low, stress levels might be high or your day might be too busy. Life tends to give us challenges that we must face. When it is all said and done any type of physical activity is better than no physical activity.

It is good to set goals. Goals will help keep you motivated. Goals will help push yourself farther than you thought possible. Goals can measure you progress. Goals can also discourage you. Be careful and remember what the reason goals are for. They are a tool.

You will hit your goals if you are consistent. Unless you are entering in a sport event there is no time frame that must be met. If you want to lose 20 pounds does it really matter if it took 5 months or 10 months. As long as you reach that goal and you can maintain it, it really does not matter. A year from now as long as you exercise on a consistent basis you will fell better, enjoy better health benefits, have more energy, sleep better and look better.

Exercise to live not beat yourself up. Your worst workout is better than no workout. Enjoy what exercise has to offer. This will make stepping into the gym easier. You be the judge of your actions don’t let anyone be the judge for you.

Have a great workout!

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