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Why Starving Yourself Never Works

Posted on the 12 April 2016 by Dave Nevue

Have you tried starving yourself as a weight loss method? I have for sure, back in the days when I was young and stupid. By doing so you will likely lose a few pounds, getting on the scale will probably put a smile on your face. But will your mind and heart be smiling as well? For sure the answer is no. You will become tired, lack energy, you will feel low, depressed and you will not be a fun person to be around. You will not be a happy mom who has enough energy and joy to play with her kids. You will get grumpy, even worse, the hunger will get you angry and perhaps even aggressive. But even more important in the long run, the starvation diet will get you completely obsessed with food. It's all you are going to think about, it's all you are going to dream about, planning, wishing, obsessing..In the end this obsession will strike, making you break, making you stuff your face with every unhealthy thing you can find in your kitchen, making you stop by a drive through ordering way too much fast food, more food you can eat, more food than you have ever eaten at the same time, you will start binge eating.

Instead of starving yourself you should eat a lot of healthy food, especially a lot of protein and fibers. You should start building muscles! Increased muscle mass will require more food and burn more calories, which means that you can eat even more! Starvation ends here!

//Nicole Hellgren

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