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Your Vagina is It Too Big?

By Jeak @mylifeandheath

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Your vagina is it too big?

Many women wonder if the size of their vagina is normal. What you need to know is that in life, many changes can alter the size of this body part. Explanations.

To determine an average, many gynecologists, sexologists and sociologists have studied the issue, stating that the size of the labia minora varies from one woman to another. They can be hidden by the labia majora or exceed widely.

These differing sizes are often a source of complex. Some even resort to surgery (nymphoplasty) …

Regardless of size, these lips (indoor and outdoor) play a very important role: they protect the vagina, clitoris and urethra against external aggressions. Therefore, as they play their protective role, all forms of vulvas are “normal”.

When to resort to nymphoplasty?
The nymphoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to reduce the lips protruding. Many women use this aesthetic operation because they are complexed by gender. However, this operation becomes necessary only when the lips cause confusion as friction, pain, a difficult birth, irritation when walking or during sex …

Those things you do not know about your vagina
No ideal color
The lips have no particular color. Light or dark, their color can vary. Also, if you find that the skin has a granular appearance (small white buttons), nothing to worry about, this is without risk. The color and the appearance may change under the effect of hormones. For example, during sexual arousal, the inner lips swell and unfold for the blood accumulate in that part of the body, and their color can brighten or darken.

Changes over time
During the life of a woman, her body goes through several changes, particularly under the effect of hormones. During puberty, the appearance of the lips increases and they grow. They also swell during pregnancy and after deflate. With menopause, the lips can reduce and deflate. And this will not prevent you from reaching the seventh heaven.

No symmetry that takes
No, ladies, lips are not symmetrical. In any case, not 100%: there is always a difference between the lips, either at the width, thickness or length. Human testicles are also not symmetrical.

How to keep your private parts healthy?
It is important to promote good food and always ensure good hygiene. For example, it is advisable to avoid douching, your vagina is perfectly capable of cleaning itself! Simply clean your private parts with water, once a day.

It is also advisable to change underwear every day to avoid bacterial infections. It is best to wash your underwear by hand using soap

Your vagina is it too big?

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