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Your Second Toe is Longer Than the Others? Here’s What It Means!

By Jeak @mylifeandheath

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Your second toe is longer than the others? Here’s what it means!

All feet are not alike, and each form can reveal personality traits. Greek foot, Egyptian or Roman, there are many things that you do not know yet … Explanations.

What type of foot you have?
There are 4 types of feet, each reflecting a different personality. Here’s what the shape of your feet say about you:

Square foot
This form of walking is quite rare, it means that your toes (including the big toe) are the same length, forming a kind of square. Dubbed the foot of the peasant, this type of foot reflects meticulous and analytical personality who takes nothing lightly and consider everything before giving its opinion. The emotions of these people rarely take over, and the logic is their motto. They inspire confidence and worth it: they will always be there for you.

The Egyptian foot
The toes of that foot follow regularly behind the big toe, forming a diagonal. This reflects a walk quite complex, mysterious and dreamy personality.
People with this form of the foot are often artists or work in jobs related to art. They are often solitary and enjoy a bit of privacy from time to time not to irritate those around them with their rather frequent mood changes.

The Roman foot
The Roman foot looks almost square foot, except the last two small toes that are not aligned. This foot shows a sociable person with an adventurous spirit, always ready to learn new things and often innovative or intellectual side takes over. However, it can demonstrate a confidence somewhat exaggerated.

The Greek foot
This foot is characterized by a second longest toe as the rest of the toes, forming a triangle. People with this type of foot are energetic, bold, hardworking, a perfectionist strand, and always have a goal in mind. But they can also be too spontaneous and too stressed. If you are one, favor relaxing activities like meditation or play sports to get rid of negative energy.

He bears the Greek up to its name?
According to a study by rheumatologists team of military and university hospital of Thessaloniki, Greece, only 5% of the world population would have the Greek foot, and the majority is Greek! Indeed, scientists have noted that 46% of those examined in Greece had the Greek foot.

As for the Egyptian foot, it concerns 70% of the world population, while Roman foot is only 25% of

Your second toe is longer than the others? Here’s what it means!

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