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Your Personal Horoscopes for Week 9th –16th May 2016

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
Your Personal Horoscopes for week 9th –16th May 2016

Horoscopes are back on Solaris Astrology, they are going to be written weekly and are shorter than in the past, but will be published more often. I am putting then up for both Sun and Ascendant signs.

Aries/Aries Rising - Work and money issues are ones that you will be interested in now, getting fair recompense for the effort that you put in. There may be a financial review on the table that you want to do, and if you do wish to adjust how you handle you finances, now may be an ideal time to look at them. In mid week you may feel happier to spend time at home, the relax and recuperate. Come the weekend you'll be ready to go out and enjoy and send some money on yourself

Taurus/Taurus Rising - You may not be in the most communicative mood at the moment but with the Sun and Venus in your sign you will want to make a good impression on people, be it through a change of image or through socialising and/or mediating between others. You may be frustrated with your partner now as they may not be as amorous or as open as you would want them to be. Are they withholding something important? Maybe it's time to find out...

Gemini/Gemini Rising - This is not a time when you want to get things out in the open, no I suspect you would rather keep things quiet and in house for a time, although you might find especially early in this week that this might be impossible. It's time to start making inroads into making things better with your family and you can start to move forwards once again with those nearest and dearest to you, although be careful on the 13th what you say to people as you may upset them.

Cancer/Cancer Rising - This week is a great time for group activities and for helping out others if they need your aid, your efforts will be appreciated for sure. Certainly the atmosphere will be more conducive in that part of your life than at work where irritations may surface. It's maybe a good idea to work of your frustrations in the gym or through sport and other physical activities, or through diverting your mind elsewhere by learning a new skill or exploring new ideas and philosophies.

Leo/Leo Rising - Recently you may have gone back to the old way of doing things at work and this may have suited you down to the ground. Getting your enthusiasm back in your day to day work always helps your productivity, and it keeps the boss happy too. The problem is that your social life is not so enthusing right now and you may feeling why you aren't the centre of attention, and that for a Leo will hurt. Maybe you need to take a step forward rather than feeling sorry for yourself...?

Virgo/Virgo Rising - At last Jupiter starts to move forward again in your sign and your personal growth can begin again, you will feel more confident because of it. Matters of travel and opening your mind out to the world around you will be important now although delays and problems with long distance communications may affect you. Your major concerns lie at home and family disputes may affect and poison the atmosphere. Keep your cool and bide your time...

Libra/Libra Rising - Something is not quite right beneath the surface and you are trying to put your finger on it but you can't just yet, and this may lead you to feeling uneasy. It's also time to thing about your intimate partnerships too - are they fulfilling their purpose? You may get news that you'd rather not hear soon and you may have to connect with local officials, local people or get used to new neighbours, it's gonna be a busy week. Matters with brothers and sisters take your attention.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising - For you partnership issues are very much in vogue now and someone important in your life may be making a huge effort or trying to fulfil a promise that they made. If they do, give them the praise they deserve. It's also time to sort out your finances and your income and friends and companies may be accommodating and helpful to you as you try to make progress again. Life should be good at the moment, enjoy it while it lasts...

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising - It's time to get back into the old routine again and health matters or work colleagues who have been less than helpful will melt away to let you get back to normal. You are frustrated and a bit worried and that's understandable as things haven't been going swimmingly, but now you can start to progress again. At the weekend you'll be in a forgiving mood if someone is harsh towards you, as you'll be able to see the bigger picture...

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising - Much of your focus at the moment are concentrated on yourself, your out of work activities, with children and or your love love and yet you may feel inwardly frustrated with one or any of these parts of your life, as if you can't control with what's going on. Emotions may spill over on the 11th but try to keep things in check. Use your intuition and your skill on the 13th and you could come up with an answer to your concerns.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising - Home is where the heart is and domestic issues, be it family ones or those connected to where you live will be on your mind at the moment. I can imagine that money may be short and you may be pressured by others to pay up. Look carefully at your daily routine and see if you can make some changes to make things a little more easier to cope with. Old friends may turn up on your door this week, it may be a good time to connect.

Pisces/Pisces Rising - With Mercury moving retrograde you are more liable than most to be affected by delays in your travels on and your day to day journeys and you may also find that what is said to you may lead to irritating misunderstandings. On the plus side you may be on better terms with brothers and sisters than was the case before. Work projects may have to be redone or revisited now, and you'll have a chance to improve on what you did before.

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