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Your Personal Horoscope for Week 17th–23nd May 2016

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
Your Personal Horoscope for week 17th–23nd May 2016

Horoscopes are back on Solaris Astrology, they are going to be written weekly and are shorter than in the past, but will be published more often. I am putting then up for both Sun and Ascendant signs.

Aries/Aries Rising - Many of the themes this week for you may resolve around your pay, personal finances and income, relationships with work colleagues and how they can be improved, indeed I suspect you may have been reviewing these things in the past couple of weeks. Expect some changes soon as Mercury turns direct. Good news or pleasant experiences on Friday precede a full Moon at the weekend in your house of beliefs and wisdom may inflame matters with in-laws, long distance travel or legal matters.

Taurus/Taurus Rising - Focus on what you want to change in your own life and soon the change will occur, just keep the faith and focus on you and what you want to achieve. Conflicting emotions connected around either your health or what you at work and with what you believe will be strong on Wednesday before the full Moon in Sagittarius opens out things much more. A power play may develop between yourself and someone who wants to control or influence you. Remember Taurus, you have the upper hand in all of this.

Gemini/Gemini Rising - Its time to find out what those at home or in the family really have been up to and secrets and hidden truths may soon be exposed. If you are dealing with property or real estate issues or with people in power, contracts delays and matters with paperwork may be coming to a conclusion pretty soon. Early this week it's time to socialise and have fun however the full Moon arriving at this coming weekend may liven up your most important relationships too. Don't let your emotions get out of hand, think of your partner ahead of yourself and you'll be ok.

Cancer/Cancer Rising - Communication with friends and loved ones may not have been so clear recently, but soon you will be able to clear the air with those you love and with friends and associates too. It may be high time to consider the help that others have been offering in the past couple of weeks so that you can achieve your goals. Concentrate on home matters now and health, fitness and finalising your daily routine will be priorities by the time the full Moon arrives on Sunday. That will also be a good time to get out into nature and the countryside around you.

Leo/Leo Rising - Is there a project that you have been putting off or preparing for in the past couple of weeks? If so, then you can start to finish your preparations so that you can present it to the wider world. If you have been sensible you may benefit enormously in the long run. Expect some sharp words or upsets to affect you on Wednesday, alternatively a bright idea may spark things into action. The full Moon this weekend highlights you wanting to do your own thing instead of towing the line for others.

Virgo/Virgo Rising - The main themes affecting you my Virgo friends are ones of personal expansion, creative change and learning new skills and by the weekend it will be full steam ahead for you. This could affect your love life, your out of work activities and through expanding your personal horizons. Unexpected financial tensions or news may punctuate the feel good factor in mid week and family disputes or conflicts with women may rise up by Saturday, however things are good in your world and you should try to rise above it all.

Libra/Libra Rising - Have you been feeling undermined and a bit low recently? It's not surprising as Mercury has been working away on your subconscious making you feel vulnerable. Things can look up and more positive by the end of the week though as the quicksilver planet changes direction and people who have been in your way start to come to your aid. Focus on your own needs now, as soon you will be busy and more active than of late, and needing to take a rest. You could be involved with emotive issues connected to neighbours, siblings, vehicles, or from foreign people and news.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising - Much of your energies will have been concentrated on relationship issues in the past couple of weeks as you strive to work out what you need from your partner. Friends can now come to your aid to help with their knowledge or talents. You may start off wanting to have a slightly quieter week than normal, but by Wednesday things will liven up again. The main bone of contention may be money and how much you are over-spending. This weekend may reveal the true extent of how you will have to tighten up those finances.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising - Work and health issues have held you back but soon you will be able to get into the old routine again, and helpful bosses will hopefully make your life easier now. Unforeseen requests or actions from friends or companies may cause you strain on Wednesday and a conflict between your own needs and those of your partner or loved one may affect your plans for this coming weekend. Just stick to your guns, take the moral high ground and let their failings rebound back onto them.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising - Matters linked to love, children and your individual needs have been held back in the past few weeks however this frustrating spell will some come to an end and matters in these areas of life will free up in due course. You will be in the spotlight right now and you may find that matters between your work and home-life causes upset in the middle of the week. Enjoy times with friends on Friday as this weekend brings more behind the scenes stress. Talk to others and share your troubles and try not to suffer in silence.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising - Have you been dealing with things not being quite right at home and with family members? This week offers a chance to finally get things resolved and back to some kind of normality. Matters of learning, legal or of an international flavour colour the start of the week for you however friendships and group issues will take centre stage by the end of it. You may not be able to go it alone without getting someone to assist you, and that may cause rivalry and mistrust to ensue. Open out to their ideas and suggestions.

Pisces/Pisces Rising - For you Pisces, nothing will have been straightforward recently, words may have been twisted and journeys may have been cancelled or delayed. This weekend you are again susceptible to these problems as Mercury stations direct, so forewarned is forearmed. Keep your counsel and things close to your chest now as by the weekend all that you have been keeping quiet will come into public view. Matters with senior or elderly people will be important as will any involvement you have with the general public.

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