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Your Choice, Ukraine

Posted on the 29 April 2014 by Calvinthedog
100 gryvnia = ~$80. One half of that is ~$40.

100 gryvnia = ~$80. One half of that is ~$40.

This is what was really going on in Ukraine. The deal with the EU and the US was set to put Ukraine under horrifying austerity conditions akin to World Bank and IMF loan strictures. Ukraine’s entire economy would have been opened up to EU imports, but only 5-10% of Ukraine’s economy would have been opened up to exports to the EU. Mass imports from the EU would have ruined Ukraine’s industry, resulting in the colonization of the Ukraine by EU and US multinational capital. The prior pro-Russian president opposed this deal with the EU/US, and this was said to be the reason he was overthrown by violent a coup via putschists. He cared about his people, so he was overthrown. West Ukraine, mostly Galician Uniate Catholic Ukrainian ultranationalists, were behind the project to open the Ukraine up to the rape and ruin of the nation via EU/US imperialism. Only 40% of the country supported this suicidal deal. The rest of the country – the Rusyns in the far west and the Russians in Crimea, Odessa and and Eastern Ukraine, all opposed the deal. Eastern Ukraine is the industrial heartland of the Ukraine, with much of its production exported to Russia. The EU/US would have utterly destroyed Eastern Ukraine, so the working class there who work in those heavy industries vigorously opposed the deal.

As you can see, part of this suicidal deal was to cut the already meager pensions of $80/month in half to $40/month. The socialist-minded Russians in the East were outraged at this assault on the elderly. In addition, the deal was set to double heating prices to residences. Cut pensions in half and double heating costs! That means a lot of people, especially old people, are going to freeze to death this winter. The pro-Russian East had some excellent reasons to oppose this deal.

What is truly insane is that the liberals and Left in the US are for the EU/US rape of Ukraine, slashing pensions in half with doubling heating oil prices. Rob from the poor and give to the rich! This policies are right out of the Republican Party playbook and if this was happening in the US, these same liberals would be screaming bloody murder. But overseas, US liberals love to impose the most reactionary Libertarian Paul Ryan economics on poor, hapless populations.

Hey! If that’s the way you liberals fell, why don’t you leave the Democratic Party! Go join the Republican Party! We don’t want Paul Ryan types in our party!

The choice is yours!

The choice is yours!

It is up to you, Ukrainians. The stark choice is in front of you. Either heroic Euroasian-Russian socialism or US/EU radical Libertarian McDonald’s capitalism.

Russia represents freedom and democracy and social justice.

America and the EU represent violent coups, undemocratic regimes, police states and reverse Robin Hood economics.

Which will you choose? The fate of the nation hangs on the question.

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