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You've Been Chop't

By Yonni @vegandthecity

You've Been Chop'tHow can you not love a place that greets you with a sign like this when you walk in?You've Been Chop't
Vegan.  Bold.  Spicy.  Epic.
Ok, ok...they are talking about salad dressings, but still!
I love to cook, but I also love not having to cook.  Especially when I get back from a week's vacation in LA and then head off to a fundraiser first thing the next morning!  Thankfully, my family was willing to go the make-your-own-salad route (or rather, the have-someone-else-make-your-own-salad route!)
You've Been Chop'tMy choice for this was Chop't.  I have been a MILLION times to their NYC locations, but they recently opened in both Rye and Mt. Kisco, NY, right near where I live, so this was perfect.  (They are also all over the DC metro area!)  Plus, right on the top of their website it says "vegan tastes better."  Ironic as they also serve non-vegan options, but still.  I like it.
You've Been Chop'tTake their Mexicali Vegan: avocado, hearts of palm, tomato, black beans, tortilla strips and jalapeno chop't with romaine and mesculun lettuce.
The Vegetarian Powerhouse has broccoli, edamame, sunflower seeds, walnuts, onions and apples with spinach and romaine lettuce.
The Venice Beach Vegan has quinoa, lemon pepper tempeh, charred broccoli, red onion and sunflower seeds chop't with mesculun and kale.  I had just eating quinoa for breakfast for a week - no joke - so the last thing I wanted was more of it, but I was still longing for LA, so I just cut that out and added some avocado and mixed up in their vegan Mexican goddess dressing (because who doesn't love a little goddess?)  You know you want some...

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