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You’re Not Crazy, You’re Just Menopausal

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

The other day while driving home from work, I drove over the railroad tracks in the middle of town and smelled McDonald’s french fries! No, not Burger King or Wendy’s, but McDonald’s! Mind you, there isn’t a McDonald’s for at least 25 miles!

Strange right?

Another day I was driving and out of the blue, I smelled cigarette smoke in my car and it was very strong! My car is new and has never been smoked in. I haven’t smoked since November 2007. But there was cigarette smoke in my car!

You’re Not Crazy, You’re Just Menopausal

Strange but true!

I’ve heard of women smelling other strange things out of the blue! Like KFC Chicken, pickles, smoke, and other strange things like suntan lotion when none of these items are around!

Sound crazy?

Darn tootin! It freaks me out even though I know it’s a perfectly normal thing! Might I add I’ve even smelled cat litter in my home and haven’t had a cat since 2010! :) So if you’re 40 and over and smelling odd things, trust me, YOU’RE NOT CRAZY!

It’s that Menopause thing again!

I tell you, this Menopause/Perimenopause thing is about as whack as ever! If it’s not hot flashes, night sweats, or insomnia, now it’s smelling off the wall things at the weirdest time!

I’ve been searching for answers to this and still have not found a good, legitimate reason why our senses (especially odors) are heightened, however, there are tons of women asking about these strange smells and WHY is it happening?

What other odd smells have I smelled?

  • Lying in bed and smelling gasoline  yet no gas around
  • Walking into my home and smelling burnt lightbulbs yet none were on
  • Driving and smelling different foods and/or cigarette smell
  • Smelling cigarette smoke in my hair
  • Smelling french toast in my office

And many, MANY other things! How long will this continue cause it makes me hungry! :)

How about you?

Have you experienced different odors in your every day travels that had you questioning if you were crazy or not? Come on ladies, don’t be shy! Share it below!


Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhoto.Net –  Luigi Diamanti

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