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Every Day is a New Beginning

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

The World, my America, is in shambles. I don’t want to write another one of those “I hate America” posts, because I don’t. I don’t understand 100% what is happening but I do know the World isn’t happy. We haven’t been for quite some time now.

This also isn’t going to be another one of those “Election” posts because quite frankly, I’m over it. I’ve been called so many different names in the past two (2) days than I have in my whole 48 years of existence on this earth.

People are Full of Hatred and Anger

We are all opinionated people and I can appreciate that. However, turning against one another especially when you don’t exactly know why is a different story. Instead on focusing on Unity, those focus on Hate. This isn’t just because of recent events. It’s been this way for over 8 years now but is steadily rising.

I Get It

Really I do! Because I was there 8 years ago and 4 years ago. I understand but whereas I was told to have compassion and understanding, that is no longer valid this time. The World has been able to express themselves by protests, unfriendly protests. This I’m not cool with. There is a right and a wrong way. All should be friendly.

Every Day is a New Beginning

Believe it or not, Every Day is a New Beginning. If you woke up, you were just giving the Gift of Life, no matter how horrible you think it may be.

Each Day we awake is one more day to make a Change in your life.

Each Day we awake is one more day to start Fresh and New.

However, the World is so damn angry and self-absorbed, they take Life itself for granted.

Today is a New Beginning

If you could just wake up every day and say “Thank you for another day to make a difference in MY life”, wouldn’t it be worth trying?

If you could make one change in your life for the better, others would notice and maybe follow suit.

But until YOU take that first step of:

  • Not being a bully
  • Not feeding into the bullshit
  • Not being so full of hatred
  • Not being mean and condescending to others
  • Not thinking you are owed anything in life because things must be earned

If not just for one day, would it be worth a try?

In Closing

The World is in chaos and it’s far from over. Do you want to be the Reason or the Solution? I prefer the latter.

P.S. If cannot be cordial in your comment, please do not leave one. As Owner of this site, I have the right to remove any comment I deem malicious.

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